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03/19/17$50,000 bet between Teddy and The P...theprez1984
12/15/15***Week Two*** Play of the Week Con...bakemcbride45
12/15/15*** Week 5 *** Play of the...51
12/15/15*** Week 6 *** Play of the...51
12/15/15*** Week 7 *** Play of the...56
12/03/15Iains Olympics 2012 soccer thread w...Iainsc2182
09/12/15PART DEUXp_66244
09/12/15PART TROISp_66236
09/12/15PART QUATREp_66201
09/12/15PART QUATREp_66336
09/12/15PART DEUXp_66237
06/24/14BITE DEUXp_66168
06/24/14Suarez to bite a player at ?thabeest19
06/24/14**** Congratulations INVES...bakemcbride32
09/01/13Sunday EPLmr_bollox12
09/01/13LFC-MU livethabeest1
08/19/13Could someone help me buy $40 US PS...thabeest3
08/19/13the Gutted Arsenal lost threadmr_bollox5
08/17/13Saturday Futbol 8/1719
08/17/13Part Troiselsewhere233
08/17/13EPL Goalscorer Maniathabeest4
08/17/13SAT AUG 17 PicksDiamondJack21
08/17/13EPL on DirecTVbk13746
08/08/13LOCK OF CENTURYguido92defran30
08/07/13Wedne$day on the Pitch IN-...bevoaustintx233
08/07/13AussieCapper NBA (Box Score System)AussieCapper1171
08/07/13IN GAME P2Barbarossa196
08/06/13TUE$DAY IN-GAME THREADbevoaustintx259
08/05/13MONDAY 08/05/2013p_66223
08/05/13Lokomotiv Moskow vs KrasnodarCampobasso33
08/05/13Monday.........LOCK OF THE...franz55516
08/04/13Sunday So. American FootieDisbarred18
08/04/13PART TROISp_66238
08/04/13Sunday Futbol 8/410
08/04/13PART DEUXp_66230
08/04/13SUNDAY 08/04/13p_66230
08/04/13billyl0c0 picks soCCer & t...billyloco3
08/04/13It's a new dayDisbarred18
08/03/13PART DEUXp_66233
08/03/13SATURDAY 08/03/13p_66232
08/02/13Friday Futbol 8/220
08/02/13FRIDAY 08/02/13p_66231
08/01/13City @ BayernProfessional123
07/31/13HUMP DAY PART DEUXjimc0911236
07/31/13WEDNESDAY 07/31/13p_66252
07/30/13Tuesday Futbol 7/30bakemcbride14
07/30/13TUESDAY 07/30/13p_66235
07/18/13PART DEUXp_66293
07/17/13billyl0c0 picks soCCer & t...billyloco6
07/17/13WEDNESDAY 07/17/13p_66227
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