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12/11/14NFL PLATINUM PICKS - The N...nflplatinumpix23
12/08/14A word of caution on GB/AtlantaJumpyGathers5
11/10/14Week 10 winners. 14
10/28/14*** NFL Sunday Ticket *** Saints To...LeagueCapper74
09/17/14Booking -golden nuggetnc1capper19
09/14/14Huge potential situational bet for ...PapaShango108
09/12/14One Huge Play ***Thursday Night Foo...DegenCurtis2140
09/12/14Mark Lawrence booktahoejoe212
09/08/14Week 1 winners. 42
09/07/14NFL Week 1rg3skins39
09/07/14Cincinnati at Baltimore (09/07/2014...Covers16
09/01/14Week 1tahoejoe21
08/31/14Week 1 play & writeup. TGIFootball.tahoejoe21
08/25/14One week to Vegas8
07/30/14anyone know of a good local pub or ...Bostoncj10
07/27/14Most Rushing Yards [Regular Season]Asomugha23
07/14/14NFL MagazineBigRomes9163
07/14/14MLB 7/13ATSwinner51025
05/06/14Booking today / golden nuggetnc1capper23
04/02/14NHL Tuesday $$$$$ATSwinner5106
03/23/14Sproles traded to Philly4
03/20/14phixer's nflphixer2840
03/16/14Sunday 3/16 NHL PlaysKaka12318
02/10/14Super Bowl XLVIII Write-up inside.....69
02/08/14Superbowl weekend - Who's going?tahoejoe233
02/02/14Seattle "On The Road" isn't the sam...bluwater10114
01/22/14Heading to Reno for this one....amd96
01/12/14Peyton Regular Season Manning Opens...LeagueCapper58
12/30/13Philadelphia at Dallas (12/29/2013)Covers67
12/30/13NFL Week 17. Play of the YearCasinoDeNiro23
12/26/13What do the Colts have to play for?CorneliusCook10
12/23/13Best steaks in Vegas?Bostoncj37
12/06/13HELLLLO!!!!?? MOM DAD. IM ...SukMyVickNoRomo50
11/29/13Im finished with Covers betting for...In_Play_Runs30
11/20/13Covers & Superbowl Las Vegastahoejoe21
10/24/13Reno - stay away from Silver LegacyZOLTAR8
10/14/13Philadelphia at Tampa Bay ...Covers34
10/05/13best playvenezolanisimo7
09/22/13***Macwesties Sun. Sept. 2...Macwestie149
09/21/13NFL Week 3 ** 110% $$$$$$ATSwinner51018
09/14/13Week 3 Money231
09/10/13****NFL WEEK 1****TRAIN6999
09/10/13NFL WK 1Wizerguy52
09/09/13Doggs Week 1doggs5
09/08/13Week 1Professional124
09/08/13Week 1101
09/08/13Week #1tahoejoe21
09/08/13***week 2***24
09/08/13NCAA WEEK 2 **** Improvin...TRAIN69204
09/07/13Week 2 picks & writeuptahoejoe27
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