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02/06/17Lebron James is 1000x better than M...BostonCelticFTW996
01/31/17Wash-8 BIGGEST BET OF YEAR...ckattar832
01/30/17Tommorrow night a great spot to fad...joshka826
01/14/17Bulls vs Pelicansheypkd2
01/12/17Is Phil gonna lose to the sixers?.....games117
01/12/17Knicks:76ers ThoughtsKrisamons29
12/16/16Atlanta@ Torontodavemsh27
11/23/16Minny -2 over Pels??? Seriously??15
11/23/16Pelicans+7.5 Portland+1.5 ...emir201213
11/20/16HAWKS @ KNICKS: What's the...scalabrine26
06/17/16CLE -2.5 easy moneyBrewDrees40
05/30/16GAME 6: WARRIORS @ OKC! We...scalabrine171
05/18/16My big concern going forward for OK...Jcarver4
05/09/16Tim Duncan 0 points. Why is he not ...DaddysHome26
05/01/16 PACERS VS. RAPTORS - GAME...scalabrine125
04/29/16Classic College Coach Move by Br...SCC3
04/22/16BETTER TEAMS BEGINNING TO ...stevenp11
04/22/16Why is Golden State not fouling?? AStefani8
03/22/16Could Spurs be in a letdown spot to...lousyjets5
03/20/16Golden State @ San Antonio Discussi...mgmprofits71
03/19/16SETON HALL vs GONZAGA. Any...scalabrine117
03/17/16Let's discuss: Clippers @ Houston -...placeholder26
03/14/16Let's discuss: T-Wolves@Phoenix Sun...placeholder19
03/14/1622-6-1 record. Sunday's single p...Locksmith8821
03/13/16Charlotte -4 -135 Easiest money ...jrgumpert24
03/11/16Friday Pistons @ HornetsUppppNdown33
03/11/16Traptors gonna lose SU , thank me ...BornToDie8
03/11/16Hawks vs RaptorsIndustryOdds9
03/09/16Ok Lakers, why are you not tanking?LeoX18
03/09/16LAKER +3 AND MONDEY LINEstevenp23
03/09/16Tuesday Extra Large playaireent77713
03/05/16Orlando without Victor tonight !Yorky993
02/28/16Sunday early games, cavs and char!!...3
02/08/16is anyone surprised how well boston...SiuLungBao8
02/08/16Atlanta -3 @ OrlandoUnstoppable Force21
01/31/16Sac@Memphis 1/30/16davemsh3
01/30/16who disagrees w/ Jesse Schule? I do...stevenp1
01/25/16Clippers and Raptors UNDER 205 (2 ...mgmprofits40
01/25/16i got lucky with the raptors.stevenp1
01/14/16*** Golden State Warriors @ Denver ...LeagueCapper14
01/14/16GS TRAPCarll9
01/13/16Golden State at Denver (01...Covers5
01/13/16CrazyMilkMan's NBA TuesdayCrazyMilkMan21
01/12/16JAN 11/16 WASHINGTON WIZAR...ELDubarino5
01/11/16GSW to beat 72-10 --- Yes or No?Asomugha9
01/10/16WHAT ARE THE SIXERS DOING?stevenp15
01/09/16One play for tomorrow - Heat @ Sunsscalabrine31
01/06/16Wednesday (ATS: 69-60)placeholder12
12/30/15CLE@DEN Seriously?vicsings2715
12/29/15clippers+1.5 is tempting6
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