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04/17/17Asking for acceptanceProtoStar630
02/21/17What are my chances of getting laid...NoseHair189
11/10/16sup bro?sup bro284
10/09/16I came in a girls behind for the fi...guggs19337
10/01/16BATOR please read...michaelpaul11157
06/22/15What websites do you view on a dail...jrg123427
11/22/14What Would You Do?biglouie271
12/01/13Anybody ever been to Federal Prison...266
10/23/13EJLuva$maker has entered the buildi...veronica27273
10/18/13Fuck Facebook in the face!Kelly_Slater50
09/29/13ATS Lock Club? Pay for picks?MeadorPhor8
09/03/13i have 6 months to liveLineMover294
06/05/13Cabin in the WoodsAniki11
04/09/13I am about to have my neighbor's ca...sofakingraw322
04/04/13This new phrase is taking my area b...CrusCrnshw193
02/24/13I'm About to Have Sex for the f...ChrisBosh137
01/17/13Operation Chick Filaredsxfn332187
01/12/13Whoever Boxed JDmoneyBoom_Boom11
01/01/13~Having a job~standuley30
12/26/12For you Jordan Shoe Collectors/Fanwjeremy973
12/23/12I tend to Complain...TheDrizzle7723
12/18/12The media is blaming movies/video g...StraightShooter29
12/15/12The 30 for 30 filmsStiln17
12/06/12So many stupid blackjack players32
11/28/12Dispute with FriendBubbaP46
11/20/12Romantic StoryApacheM15
11/20/12Christina Aguilera huge assMikael9926
11/19/12Things I like more the older I getTRAIN6938
11/18/12Biggest Wager for UFC in 2012MrWonderful10
11/13/12What saying do you use most, have h...Daddy_Freddie132
11/08/12NBA WED NIGHTpucku2761
11/08/12NBA 2ND HALFpucku2722
11/07/12Are you staying in or going out ton...ttwarrior121
11/06/12GiLz Thread'ers ((NFL - Week 9))GiLmo574142
11/05/12Suns MLstanduley1
11/02/12Shirtless dude thought he'd wander ...twobits13
11/01/12where's the Ohio/EMich in game thre...FixedNoDoubt295
11/01/12*** THURSDAY NCAAF ***badlands13
11/01/12**Ohio is going to come out STRONG ...YELAWOLF27
11/01/12How can Ryback say he is a better a...LawsonJames46
10/31/12Remote Viewing Experiment....slikstiks9927
10/31/12Hurricane Sandy - In GameTheGoldenGoose91
10/30/12Boston +6 @-102 LargeEastOakland7
10/30/12Direct TV vs. Cable.Bumblebee6
10/29/12Week 8 PlaysJFen3130
10/28/12Giants +108EastOakland50
10/28/12Iowa PK 2nd half -110EastOakland44
10/28/12What is the play for 2nd half Utah ...star222
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