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01/24/14picks 5 sowhyme0074
11/27/13DREXEL VS ARIZONAsowhyme0072
11/27/13UIC VS WAGNER ?sowhyme00711
09/25/13MLB PICKS 9/25sowhyme0071
09/25/139/24 Playstsimmns3
09/23/13Steelers/Bears IngamePolar_Bear356
09/20/13MICE FRIDAY IN FRESNO Side...WhiteMice25
09/20/13FRESNO STATE -47
09/19/13NFL PICKS 9/17sowhyme0074
09/18/13MLB PICKS 9/17sowhyme0072
09/17/13MLB Monday lockk$ATSwinner51087
09/17/13MLB PICKS 9/16sowhyme0072
09/16/13NFL PICKS 9/16sowhyme0072
09/16/13NFL PICKS 9/15sowhyme0073
09/14/13MLB PICKS 9/13sowhyme0074
09/13/13NCAA FB PICKS 9/14sowhyme0071
09/13/13MLB PICKS 9/12sowhyme0075
09/12/13NCAA FB PICKS 9/12sowhyme0072
09/12/13my playfruit205
09/12/13*****THURSDAY NCAAF*****bee28s3
09/12/13MLB PICKS 9/11sowhyme0075
09/11/13MLB PICKS 9/10sowhyme0074
10/25/12WS Game 1Europa32
07/14/12MLB PICKS 7/14sowhyme0072
07/14/12MLB PICKS 7/13sowhyme0072
07/13/12One Play6
07/08/12MLB PICKS 7/8sowhyme0072
07/08/12MLB PICKS 7/7sowhyme0072
07/08/12SATURDAY WAGERS nuggetmonster27
07/07/12MLB PICKS 7/6sowhyme0078
07/07/12Oakland A's Rallyanthonybx2082
07/06/12SportsFreak69 MLB Plays of the DaySportsFreak6943
07/06/12Thursday Pickscjm200812
07/06/12MLB PICKS 7/5sowhyme0074
07/05/12SportsFreak69 MLB Plays of the DaySportsFreak6922
07/04/12HAPPY 4th MLB (RL) sowhyme0072
07/04/12MLB 7/3Lar121233
07/04/12TUESDAY WAGERS nuggetmonster37
07/04/12MLB (RL) 7/3sowhyme0073
07/03/12SportsFreak69 MLB Plays of the DaySportsFreak6938
07/03/12Thanks Vegas & Consensus.....tafter1217
07/03/12MLB (RL) 7/2sowhyme0074
07/03/12Monday MLBAlbertcore33
07/02/12SportsFreak69 MLB Plays of the DaySportsFreak6950
07/02/12MLB 07-02-12herbiehandicap12
07/02/12IN-GAME: Dodgers v MetsLawsonJames101
07/01/12Dee GordonDanTos871563
06/30/12SATURDAY 6/30 PICKSsowhyme0071
06/02/12Is NBA popular in Philipines?sartre27
03/28/12Wed 3/28 MLB Pickstarget_928
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