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12/21/13Pitts beat cal 6x in a row 5 of 6 b...slapshotmo5
11/26/13Some one knows San Diego is going t...slapshotmo4
11/14/13CALGARY DALLAS alert the p...slapshotmo2
11/14/13Very contrarian tonightslapshotmo5
11/11/13-*DefeatTheHouse*- Sunday PlaysDefeatTheHouse7
11/10/13How is this possible rams first hal...slapshotmo1
11/04/13***New England Patriots @ ...NcaaBBCapper35
11/02/13NHL Friday $$$$$ATSwinner51033
11/01/13NHL Friday - HELPdocircho26
11/01/13Stars ml against Avs tonight!slapshotmo1
10/30/13Line moving in favor of calgaryslapshotmo2
10/30/13Under and here's why..slapshotmo3
10/29/13Just like I said Vegas fixes nfl wh...slapshotmo10
10/28/13I bet 1500 -140 at 9.5 Seattle befo...slapshotmo4
10/28/132 solid plays Pitts pl stars under ...slapshotmo1
10/27/13Ok- Someone make a rational plea wh...Crashdavis5659
10/27/13New England large mlslapshotmo3
10/26/13Sorry for cal pl last night.. Going...slapshotmo3
10/25/13Fuzzrods SURE THING, CAN'T...Fuzzrod19
10/25/13Calgary puckline here is why!!!slapshotmo7
10/25/13I nailed Ottawa last night tonight ...slapshotmo6
10/24/13Calgary at Dallas (10/24/2013)Covers8
10/24/13Calgary Dog Flameshsv2313
10/24/13Public and entire board on wings.. ...slapshotmo13
10/23/13Red alert wings line too low trap t...slapshotmo40
10/22/13Thoughts on Flames/Yotes game? MartyKaan8
10/22/13Home dogs today ruf rufslapshotmo1
10/21/131st halfs onlyCurry-Goat3
10/21/13Feel good about nyg -2.5 first halfslapshotmo3
10/21/13Kings Calgary total!slapshotmo1
10/20/13After the jets outcome today I fina...slapshotmo3
10/20/13***Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Ea...GreenGinho23
10/20/133 ml bets today to go 3-0slapshotmo8
10/20/13my parlay is still alive .... Need ...VegasTer004
10/19/13Baylor and Iowa state liking +33slapshotmo2
10/19/13Refs fing tcu bigtime...slapshotmo1
10/19/13Tcu i wanna play them +290 moneylin...GreenBlack255
10/19/13Tcu money line 500-1250slapshotmo1
10/18/135.5 total seems like major trapslapshotmo3
10/16/13Calgary hasn't lost by more than 1 ...slapshotmo1
10/15/13tonight easyyy winner is fama10
10/12/13I'm very very dumb165yds61
10/12/13Called the stars last night won 110...slapshotmo2
10/12/13Back to Back Sat 10/126
10/11/13Post your ONE best point spread pic...CorneliusCook16
10/11/1310-11-13 Hockey thread, picks, info...Lippsman35
10/11/132nd of back to back games.4
10/11/13Play of night Dallas starsslapshotmo7
10/10/13HOLYDIVER THUR PLAYOFF THR...holydiver18
10/10/13Boston line moving huge in Boston f...slapshotmo5
10/10/13Been hotter than hell 2 plays tonig...slapshotmo1
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