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05/27/16<<< Lightning @ Penguins Game 7 In ...LeRinkRat68
05/25/16WNBA ContestAussieDownUnder71
05/22/16WNBA Contest - SaturdayAussieDownUnder81
05/22/16IIHF 2016 Ice Hockey World Champion...bevoaustintx159
05/21/16WNBA Contest - ThursdayAussieDownUnder101
05/19/16WNBA ContestAussieDownUnder91
05/18/16Whey ProteinChocoTaco16
05/16/16WNBA Contest - MondayAussieDownUnder44
05/15/16MIOCIC BABY!!!samuelsosa3
05/15/16folks buying in for the minmonstergrit10
05/12/16Things that have approx. the same o...thecentaur9
05/08/16“OKC Played a Great Game in Game 2 ...LeagueCapper31
05/04/16MLB 5/04/16 - Wing Wednesday Redemp...KeyElement63
05/03/16WWE Payback lines scalabrine56
05/02/16MLB 5/01/16 Not so much action toda...KeyElement33
05/01/16CARDIAC KEMBA OVER 23.5 PO...samuelsosa1
05/01/16MLB 4/30/16 - Don't fall off your b...KeyElement82
04/30/16Enough is enough! It's time for new...scalabrine66
04/23/16MLB 4/22Metallica246721
04/21/162-0 PLUS 230ragingstorm9
04/21/16Wrestlemania 32 Odds DiscussionPopo21142
04/21/16Wed MLB Plays YTD 9-0HockBase14
04/21/16### ffo kcuf ###25
04/20/16Cubs rain60
04/20/16NBA Contest Day 85 Tuesday 4/19StraightWagers41
04/17/16Headshots 4/16BOOMHEADSHOT1512
04/14/16Need a local book in philly area. 9
04/09/16GOING INTO SATURDAY* MASTE...samuelsosa2
04/03/16Post YOUR BEST 5 TEAM parl...samuelsosa4
04/03/16PAGING **KEY ELEMENT** SEA...samuelsosa5
04/03/16Sunday MLB Parlayyunghov30005
04/03/16NBA Contest Day 70, Saturday 4/2AussieDownUnder62
04/03/16PAGING **KEY ELEMENT** SEA...samuelsosa2
04/02/16NBA Contest Day 69. Friday 4/1AussieDownUnder50
03/29/16F RAINB00kieKiller7
03/28/16DERRICKK ROSEEEEEsamuelsosa10
03/28/16F U RosePerry2jm10
03/21/16Eatin' ButtholeSpitfire15199
03/08/16lakers +18 & +2200 MLtmurda66656
03/05/162/29 NBA Hoopsswolesbee41
03/04/16You would have done the same thinggimmedempoints10
02/29/162/28 NBA Hoopsswolesbee17
02/21/16Any reason to think the Grizzlies w...JefCostello5
02/14/16MVP PICK?samuelsosa1
02/11/16One of the more sickening police ab...scalabrine56
02/08/16Name Drop - Who is the best athle...JBiddyJ2326
02/06/16Final score Oakland vs Cleveland St...avignonfr12
02/02/16Gambling Magazines CreamCaramel9
02/01/16Ethan Couch - too rich to know bett...SportsFan96986
02/01/16NBA Contest Day 14 Sunday 1/31StraightWagers92
01/31/16**HAWKS VS. HEAT** LINE MO...samuelsosa4
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