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05/26/14Light beersearchwarrant22
08/26/13100K Bad Beat Jackpot caught on liv...scalabrine13
05/31/13Zero Dark ThirtyVic-Vega15
04/19/13Are there signs of intelligent life...ClubDirt30
04/02/13Same Sex Marrage - State or Federal...Randisist28
03/28/13GSP vs Hendricks17
02/17/132013 WSOP Schedulerunlagos2
02/14/13New Kate Upton bodypaint albumStiln9
01/27/13Jail Breaking Smartphones Now Crimi...runlagos1
01/17/13Operation Chick Filaredsxfn332187
01/16/13Top 5 Las Vegas SportsbooksNevada-Central35
01/09/13got broncos at 60 to 1 ( before man...4degreeswarmer45
12/30/127 Foods you should never eatwallstreetcappers22
12/29/12Chopping the blinds when folded aro...VegasGenius25
12/17/12Bob Costas and gun controlRiceboi177
12/06/12Bob Costas (NBC) gives an anti-gun ...SarasotaSlim57
11/15/12 CIA Director Petraeus Res...SarasotaSlim72
11/13/12long and short term capital gains t...joe pockets24
11/13/12Good riddance to Mitt RomneyStiln35
11/11/12MOVIE: Skyfall (2012)KktdocT5
11/11/12A&M beats BAMAzmanpga53
11/09/12There goes Americaaaustinova6753
10/31/12Hurricane Sandy - In GameTheGoldenGoose91
10/29/12Galaxy S3 "Dirty Commercial" During...walktheline19
10/11/12I find it odd....Dsn15013
10/08/12SEPT Unemployment Report 7.8%Crusher1329
10/06/12My take on the debate last night. Stiln11
09/25/12home sales highest in three years??...mainmanmainman218
09/22/12Dr. Burzynski and His Fight Against...SteelCash23
09/21/12Moneyball - At first didn't think t...joewashington16
09/02/12A few questions for coffee drinkers...ogmike19
08/23/12Joe Rogan speaks the truthMoneySRH89
07/31/12CountNo_Account : Katy Perry Single...BMA33
07/26/12Total Recall (2012)216921
07/25/12Whats an acceptable age difference?ironlionzion722122
07/15/12Spygate = Super Bowl victoriesBling36
07/14/12Could Tim Tebow be Gay?HutchEmAll69
06/30/12Marshawn Lynch ....Beast or BustBlackStone329
06/16/12dolphins cheerleadersrunlagos28
06/15/12To All Mankind: Must see this v...PokinSmot48
06/01/12The Facts They Don't Want You To He...PokinSmot35
05/19/12do u keep track of the reps u do?mainmanmainman218
05/17/12I won a seat in the WSOP!ad126098
05/17/12WSOP questions...packers199218
05/16/12Joe Rogan-Graham Hancock InterviewD_Unit17
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