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03/19/15Do bookie's lose money?RantinRave173
01/24/15I owe my bookie a lot, advice?dubble59
08/27/14RSW Unbelievable value IMO #3jdnmoney32
08/26/14RSW total UNBELIEVABLE val...jdnmoney30
04/23/13Anyone seen David Malinsky???rated9121
02/04/13The Original "FF" thread ©...PokinSmot1042
11/25/12just saw this for first time today....Messier-1113
11/24/12my little brother is going off to c...Messier-1142
11/08/12Cardio question for you massive str...searchwarrant13
11/04/12looking for bookie im from Florida!...904HotPlay32
11/03/12lets talk steroids/ testosterone su...and1jshooter29
10/31/12Help..Legal advice neededwoody777738
10/29/12Oklahoma under 9.5 winstiasman96
10/15/12Which online sports book to use?GoGoplata12324
10/11/12BREAKING NEWS: Dwight How...gridironguy85
10/05/12any one else think that Notre Dame ...LeRinkRat16
10/02/12rated`s NCAAF plays week 62
09/22/12workout questiongprixwvu29
09/19/12Hobo with a shotgunlifemisspent17
09/18/12Unofficial Covers Party Kelly_Slater168
09/17/12I guess my relationship with my Dad...Irish0896
09/17/12NFL coach with an IQ of 70rated9120
09/16/12NCAA Marketwatch week 3Gordon Gekko118
09/14/12Phillies -130 tomorrow18
09/13/123 Team 10 PT Tease - need 1 moreMansruin11
09/11/12Rated's NCAAF Campaign - week 3rated913
09/11/12Post the MOST you've WON/L...pinoy1da11
09/11/12Rated's MONDAY NIGHT BAILO...rated9111
09/10/12Rothlisberger is a ScumbagLou25018
09/09/12Has anyone here tried Crack Cocaine...Roonie76
09/07/12Rated's Legacy Campaign - week 2 (u...rated911
09/07/12Just pounded the Cowboys ML for 1k ...TDzone93
09/06/12Who the hell is Mitt Romney???rated9117
09/05/12Starting My Road Fade of the Disast...txtechpika157
09/05/12Rated's Legacy Campaign - week 2rated911
09/05/12Rated's Legacy Campaign - week 2rated911
09/04/12***NFL WEEK 1 REGULAR SEAS...PrimeTimeBoys172
09/04/12I just put way too much money on Al...jwheels8648
09/04/12First real bet of the season, its a...dibcompany9
09/04/12Is it best to have 1 bookie or 2?LGinTX7
09/03/12Noobie here.1BigJohnson15
09/03/12Anyone have recommendations for a B...Irish0816
09/03/12cfb monday night football winnerjkrazy20209
09/03/12Why is Utah only -7 against Utah St...Brinkstaa11
09/03/12What pick would Barkley have gone i...PapaShango2
09/02/12NCAAF 9/2/12 By RazorSharpsRazorSharps21
09/02/12Rated's NCAAF Campaign - Week 1 pla...rated916
09/01/12...... B3RRY'S 2012 WEEK 1...3RICB3RRY28
09/01/12***LARGE PLAY FRIDAY****LetzRoll8
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