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10/15/16SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAYpucku273
10/15/16CFB SATpucku272
10/13/16NFL 2ND HALFpucku271
10/13/16NFL THURSDAY NIGHTpucku271
10/10/16NFL 2ND HALFpucku272
10/10/16MONDAY MONDAY MONDAYpucku271
10/09/16NFL 2ND HALFpucku275
10/09/16SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAYpucku272
10/09/16CFB SATpucku272
10/06/16NFL 2ND HALFpucku272
10/06/16CFB THURSDAY NIGHTpucku271
10/06/16THURSDAY NIGHT NFLpucku271
10/04/16MLB PLAYOFFSpucku271
10/03/16NFL 2ND HALF PLAYSpucku271
10/03/16MONDAY NIGHT NFLpucku271
10/02/16NFL 2ND HALFpucku278
10/02/16SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAYpucku274
10/01/16CFB SATpucku274
09/30/16FRIDAY NIGHT CFBpucku272
09/29/16NCAAF THURSDAYpucku271
09/29/16NFL THURSDAY NIGHTpucku271
09/26/16MONDAY NIGHT NFLpucku274
09/25/16NFL 2ND HALFpucku271
09/25/16SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAYpucku274
09/24/16CFB WEEK 4pucku273
09/22/16NFL 2ND HALFpucku271
09/22/16NFL THURSDAY NIGHTpucku272
09/20/16MONDAY MONDAY MONDAYpucku273
09/18/16NFL 2ND HALFpucku2725
09/18/16Week 1 2nd half funtimeLippsman169
09/18/16NFL WEEK 2pucku279
09/18/16CFB WEEK 3pucku2713
09/16/16WEEK 2pucku276
09/15/16CFB THURSDAY NIGHTpucku271
09/13/16MNF pucku276
09/12/16NFL WEEK 1pucku275
09/11/16CFB SAT pucku277
09/09/16FRIDAY NIGHT CFBpucku272
09/05/16MONDAY CFBpucku271
09/05/16SUNDAY CFBpucku272
09/01/16NCAAF pucku279
09/01/16Can we get a list of teams that is ...Ch33z8
08/21/16News Regarding The OutlawThe_Outlaw280
07/30/16Looking for "dogs" today....11
07/30/16MLB SATURDAYpucku271
07/29/16MLB FRIDAYpucku271
07/27/16Weeble's Wednesday Picksweeble56727
07/27/16MLB WEDNESDAYpucku271
07/10/16MLB SUNDAYpucku274
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