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05/26/16MLB RPI SYSTEM 2012bettor2win2958
01/18/14Funk's NBA bets - 2013/201...FunkFreaker1195
10/03/13NHL Opening Game Favorite 94-1 in 2...therizz741
08/07/13AussieCapper NBA (Box Score System)AussieCapper1171
06/22/13The Sports Betting System........hitmangotjinx1044
04/05/12Computer Generated ForecastsSocietic121
04/04/12No more NRopp/Jfen...Who to tail in...TheSchneid4
03/31/12JM NBA 2012wopintx53
03/31/12Happy New YR..mlbrpi 12 coming up32
03/25/12betting tips by pitxxpitxx109
03/04/12NHL RPI now outRealityCheck1273
03/03/12Fade the Computer Generated Forecas...Societic62
02/24/12The "Money Multiplier" Challengehitmangotjinx19
02/24/12NEW SYSTEM "HOUSE"sm102279145
02/17/12So what's the play for LA @ Portla...EricLinny12
02/17/12when do you call it "quit"memory26
02/16/12NBA Wednesdaysmartbets104
02/16/12Tahoes wed plays 10-2 yest...tahoecapper123
02/15/122nd Half Hawks +3LawsonJames59
02/14/12Been a member for 5 years, havent p...tahoecapper576
02/13/12ABOUT TO CRYFlyLikeAjett117
02/11/12Saturday NBAFeri5
09/14/11What would u do? Hedge or no hedge...keeper168812
09/10/11A. Dunncisco17
09/10/11The Error Line on DBacks 2 nights a...pratt1
09/09/11Anybody else take advantage of the ...CubbyCapper32
09/08/11Ian Kennedy at home is +145?pratt22
09/07/11>>>>>> CIN/CUBS OVER 6 >>>...t4ever27
09/07/11Is the Over 10 in the Yanks game to...RedFlagCapper4
09/06/11YANKEES77 PARLAYyankees774
09/04/11PHILLIES PIECE OF SHITbad_dog390
09/04/11GiLz Thread'ers ((Sun....66
09/04/111 game all under14
09/04/11Turn $10 Into $10,000 TONI...AW24850811
09/04/11up a G in 7 days then down 3 frankl...Gamebreaker2319
09/02/11GiLz Thread'ers ((Fri....65
09/02/11Regarding Verlander TonightKeyElement7
08/31/11GiLz Thread'ers ((Tues. 8/30))GiLmo574127
08/30/11$$ THOUGHT I WOULD THROUGH...kansas2411
08/30/11GiLz Thread'ers ((Mon. 8/29))GiLmo574106
08/28/11you steal ME!!!!!!!!calastra7
08/28/11My first spite betpratt3
08/28/11Turn $20 Into $600 TONIGHT...AW2485088
08/27/1112:00 EST - Oakland @ Bostonsi1ly131
08/26/11GiLz Thread'ers ((Thurs. 8/25))GiLmo57487
08/25/11Anyone else getting hammered this w...pratt7
08/24/11over in minnesotaRoad2Success3
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