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10/23/14Torn on what to take!Drew22334
10/21/14NFL Pick (Week 7, Monday 1...VGPOP11
10/21/14Way to blow a game O'Brien peter1017
10/21/14What the F is going on! powerade12
10/21/14Texans large 2h26
10/21/14I bet $100 on Bovada that Antonio B...WhatAmIDoing11
10/21/14Pittsburgh had 3rd and 15 at their ...vanzack17
10/21/14#1 reason to stop betting MNF....Jo...powerade5
10/20/14*** Average Joe ***14
10/20/14Isnt it funny listening to all of t...searchwarrant12
10/20/14These Head Coaches baffle mestockboy29
10/20/14*** game of the year ***29
10/19/14Titans are so trashTheSituation5592
10/19/14TENNEESEE TITANS +6powerade3
10/18/14Arkansas ML +170powerade4
10/17/14who else takes the over, then bets ...LaHaterz11
10/16/14Has anyone made any money betting o...SportsMavin12768
10/14/14I doubt there has ever been a day i...vanzack65
10/14/14Niners/St Louis in gameGabbo241
10/14/14Will the NFL be obsolete in 10 year...2
10/14/14These refs are a jokeLind4MVP2
10/14/14WELL THIS SUCKSbigb6503
10/14/14These Penalties Are DISGUSTING StrictlyHockey19
10/13/14Did these two teams switch uniforms...realalmanac5
10/13/14Does Fisher even have a safety on d...powerade1
10/13/14*** moneyline ***8
10/13/14Motivation Angle??? powerade3
10/13/14Monday PlaysJose_Reyes7
10/13/14MONDAY NITE FOOTBALLgkastanza2
10/13/14Should be an easy 50K, or at least ...jrgumpert30
10/13/14DENVER @ JETS! BIG WRITE-U...scalabrine190
10/13/14Y Was There SO Much Luv 4 NYGBayArea3427
10/13/14over is toasttotallypsycho6
10/12/14I'm still physically sick thinking ...ccbulldog40
10/12/14Nfl week 634
10/12/14Suck to have Jets + pointswildcat952
10/06/14What trend wins tonight: the 61% ov...powerade4
10/05/14*** Corn ***7
08/21/14Oakland A's win the World Seriesgustosgoat296
07/16/14Online horses online question9
06/10/14Looking for the worst bad beats in ...Covers-Team360
05/04/14Mavs +23 live10
05/04/14Anyone that Thinks for 1 sec It was...examine34
05/04/14Dallas+21 in gameaireent77711
05/04/14$200 wins $5970 series parlay, hedg...powerade7
04/23/14MLB Underdog Systems - Anyone want ...degengamble843
04/10/14iPhone betting appspowerade21
04/10/14bet trackingfresh4lyph7
03/31/14MLB primer - what kind of MLB betto...vanzack285
12/23/13The BIGGEST (and maybe the...scalabrine304
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