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02/14/17NBA monday10
02/14/17Big play for 2/13/17placeholder24
02/13/17Clippers vs Utah Jazzoakland19116
02/12/17Anthony Davis +3.57
02/12/17pelicans vs kings- lets get it!coverdawgs2
02/12/17Pick of the morning RandySee4
02/12/17My pick for 02/12/2017placeholder12
02/12/17NBA 2/12Chauster6
02/12/17Show me a good game for 2/12/2017placeholder11
02/12/17NBA 2/11Chauster9
02/12/17juicey $aturdayOlop5
02/11/17DK NBA SATURDAYDigitalkarma11
02/11/17Pick for 2/11/2017placeholder34
02/11/17NBA sat 7
02/11/17NBA 2/10Chauster8
02/10/17Pick for 2/10/2017placeholder11
02/10/17my pick for 02/01/2017placeholder24
02/10/17NBA fri10
02/10/17Pick for 2/9/2017placeholder6
02/10/17boston -.5 2nd halfplaceholder4
02/09/17Ty Lue playing gamesrod_steel28
02/08/17Pick for 2/8/2017placeholder15
02/08/172ND HALF PACERS +4placeholder4
02/08/17NBA wed 8
02/08/175 straight winners for the week.placeholder23
02/08/17Gains 2/7/17 NBAGains8
02/08/17Get_em NBA PicksLets_Get_em4
02/07/17Tuesday Pho-2010
02/07/17tue. NBA pickmax583
02/07/17Full game plays3
02/07/17PACERS MAVS5
02/07/17Tuesday cookin Mancity6
02/02/17NBA wed !!!! 31
02/01/17The giftplaceholder10
01/18/17NBA tues15
01/17/17Question about buy picks from cover...9
01/09/17BIG BETplaceholder5
01/08/17So is Clemson or Bama the covers fa...placeholder6
01/08/17BIGGEST BET OF THE YEARplaceholder40
11/12/16*** Super unhappy with this bad lin...placeholder3
11/11/16Charlotte -3 vs Raps ????6
11/07/16*** a high one ***placeholder7
11/06/16*** naked picks ***placeholder6
11/05/16*** A winner ***placeholder18
10/28/16*** season greetings ***placeholder8
06/22/162016 NBA Playoffs Ratings & Revenue...3BallBomber732
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