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10/05/15Dapper_Dan's NFL Plays Oct. 4thDapper_Dan8
10/05/15we don't get fooled again - week 4phixer362
10/05/15Are the dolphins the worst team in ...22
10/05/15Dapper_Dan Playing The Saints -3 -...Dapper_Dan4
10/05/15--DALLAS vs NEW ORLEANS--I...mikeru3136
10/05/15@@@ PAPPA'S SNF 10/04 @@@pappadoc16
10/05/15Week 4 2nd half funtime !!!Lippsman56
10/05/15Under under under everything is und...guyhopestowin4
10/04/15And Now You Bang the NinersJFen3184
10/04/15Snowmans frosty cold halftime disco...snowman7693
10/04/15NFL Week 4 Thoughts And Analysisswolesbee26
10/04/15SNF Dal vs NO 1HJiGGaMan2424
10/04/15In Honor Of 10K made today.TheBull1129
10/04/15Week 4 NFL Plays. Another Winning ...cjm200814
10/04/15It doesn't have to be complicated.....irage50
10/04/15Johnson's Week 4 NFLCMJohnson126
10/04/15Rams. Cardinalsbudwiser29
10/04/15am I wrong when I take 49ers +9.5WAIWAI9
10/04/15Believe it or not. YTD (13-3) + Lon...touchdownmore64
10/04/15PDUBS PLAYS (26-23 +203)pdouble3
10/04/15I took SF +8/-108 vs. GBDogbiteWilliams12
10/04/15**** Dallas v's NO *****midnightprowl3
10/04/15 I'm 100% sober when I typ...Dubfire5
10/04/15Let's talk SUNDAY NIGHT FO...Shoezeum9110
10/04/15At what point does the NFL force th...indiansrock66
10/04/15@@@ PAPPA'S NFL SUNDAY 10/...pappadoc34
10/04/15Raiders. HAHAsuckerg13
10/04/15***Macwesties Sun. Oct. 03...Macwestie123
10/04/15Houston Texans @ Atlanta FalconsEastsideBangers24
10/04/15........three OVERS I like...pipedoctor4
10/04/15Which undefeated team loses this we...9
10/04/15All-in if this hits I win 15 grandBrickLayer70
10/04/15Does Seattle cover?NFLCap6
10/03/15NFL - Dog ML- Early PlayInfamous_Cappin7
10/03/15UNDERDOGS ONLY *hunchy14
10/03/15New Orleans -3.5jbkizzle7
10/03/15I'm 100% sober when I type this: Ja...Dubfire12
10/03/15Blue jays playoffs threadstiff365
10/03/15im all in on this teaser!14
10/02/15PDUBS PLAYS TNF (24-22 +83...pdouble2
09/30/15don't get fooled again week 3phixer719
09/29/15If you love situational spots, you ...begginerboy59
09/29/15suuma's NFL week threesuuma134
09/28/15Congrats JR Gumpert on Green Bay! Y...11
09/28/15Monday Night NFL....Large 1 Qtr14
09/28/15*** CHIEFS/PACKERS ***badlands5
09/28/15***Macwesties Mon. Sept. 2...Macwestie119
09/28/15Monday Night FootballVegasVandal8
09/28/15@@@ PAPPA'S NFL MONDAY 09/...pappadoc22
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