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09/25/16NFL Week 3Metallica246713
09/25/16WEEK #3 PLAYS!St2ee17
09/25/16PDUBS PLAYS YTD 13-9. +53...31
09/25/16@@@ PAPPA'S NFL SUNDAY 09/...pappadoc23
09/25/16*Sac's NFL Week 3*undermysac28
09/25/16What truly is a "Houston Texan"?TheFootball774
09/25/16DK NFL Week 3Digitalkarma29
09/25/16Week 3 NFLChauster6
09/25/16Week 3: Kick 'em while they're down..._Guru_7
09/24/16Make my bank roll great again Sunda...Jrod67
09/23/162016 Oakland Raiders thread DaSaltySluG25
09/19/16Is Tom Brady a fraud???SwishSwish123415
09/19/16PDUBS PLAYS +574pdouble8
09/16/16PDUBS PLAYS 8-5 +67920
09/15/16suuma's 2016 NFL Week Onesuuma205
09/14/16Philly's Week 1 NFLPhillyBrown19
09/13/16monday sept 12 nfl 7-1 postedcentralflaguy14
09/13/16PDUBS PLAY 2-0 + 290 38
09/12/16MNF Pittsburgh/Washington & LA/SFMetallica246726
09/12/16***Macwesties Mon. Sept. 1...Macwestie121
09/09/16Week 1: Panthers vs Broncos - Who W...Digitalkarma40
09/09/16PDUBS PLAYS 19
09/02/16Finally found it PBS 1983 episode t...mafioso108
08/21/16Possibly my only play of preseason....bpickin11
08/21/16DK NFL Pre-2 PicksDigitalkarma26
08/20/16NFL Preseason Week 2Metallica246720
08/20/16@@@ PAPPA'S PRESEASON FRID...pappadoc14
08/20/16PDUBS PRESEASON PLAYS YTD...pdouble20
08/19/16@@@ PAPPA'S PRESEASON THUR...pappadoc14
08/18/16Thursday NFL TipsRLeith356
08/13/16NFL Preseason Week 1Metallica246730
08/08/16PDUBS PLAYS 8
06/22/16Can anyone tell me about the tout V...7
06/21/16Seriously tho. It's the same people...bpickin26
06/20/16NBA Playoffs 2016Pistol_Pete_4462
06/19/16Cavs +150 and Steph Curry ...ratbehr10
06/19/16Calling all public bettors.....POLLmgmprofits24
06/19/16its been a while ...pdouble9
05/27/16WE THE NORTH.Olop68
05/24/162016 MLB MOJO PLAYS FOR TH...HappyKane272
05/15/16PDUBS PLAYOFFS 170
05/13/16Anybody picking OKC to win the seri...mgmprofits94
05/12/16If Curry is out for playoffs.. It&#...28
05/11/16All in bet. $1500 if this loses im ...Jailbait712756
05/10/16Can Cavs really out gun the Warrior...rod_steel27
05/10/16DK NBA MONDAY PLAYOFFS SEM...Digitalkarma17
05/09/16MLB 5/9Metallica246724
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