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07/28/15Boston Red Sox.....MLBSPORTS26
07/26/15MEXICO VS JAMAICAogkush1
06/09/15NBA 2H1
05/28/15Wed May 27 (121-123) YTD +...borje2114
04/23/15NHL PLAYOFFSogkush1
04/23/15Will Nadal make it to the final of ...wallet6
04/21/15NHL PLAY+OFFSogkush1
04/20/15NHL Playoffs!!!!6
04/20/15So sad....14
04/19/15NHL Playoffs6
04/19/15Jeff Greenvitchmen7
04/18/15NHL Playoff Saturday4
04/17/15NHL PLAYOFFSogkush2
04/16/15NHL PLAYOFFSwogkush2
04/15/15NHL PLAYOFFS DAY 1ogkush3
04/08/153 Team Parlay5d1929211751
04/04/153 soccer overs1
04/03/15NHL FRIDAY2
04/02/15NHL PICKSogkush5
04/01/15MIAMI TENNISogkush1
03/29/15Washington/houston 2H16
03/10/15Monday 3 game parlayMaxProphet8
03/03/15Nucks or Sharks?TodayIsOurDay8
02/26/15Tennis thursday4
02/18/15Sam QuerreyProfessional113
02/17/15Monday OVERS "Six Pack"LeRinkRat27
02/07/15Texas / kansas state 2H1
01/18/15Worst day of my betting lifestuddman7329
01/06/15NHL on a Toosday2
01/02/15COLLEGE 1/2ogkush1
01/01/151H Ohio stateogkush1
01/01/15Mizzou 2H6
11/27/14Memphis - whatever 2 Htwiles7719
11/26/14CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 11/26ogkush1
11/25/14CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 11/25ogkush4
11/20/14Can zags run some clockNba918
11/15/146am western1
11/13/14Nishikori -1754
11/13/14Oh my god!!! Atlanta vs Utah game W...sycuan10119
11/11/14TUESDAY BANGERSogkush4
10/23/14NHL THURSDAYogkush2
10/18/14NHL SATURDAYogkush2
10/12/14Anyone have a bigger moose tale the...UnderdogsGalore35
10/02/14rodgers in the rainspaceship103
10/02/14I have 2 WR and 2 RB in the SAME ga...ogkush2
09/19/142H in Tampa 5
09/13/14Rain Delay should benefit S CarSabanade8
09/13/14anyone else like arsenal/man city o...11
09/12/14One for the dayogkush1
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