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04/13/14NRL Season ThreadAussieDownUnder85
04/05/14Favorite Instrumentals-Clutch54
04/01/14NRL Week 4snake271036
03/29/14NRL Plays (Round Four)...emkee19
03/29/14Battler's NRL Round 4Aussie Battler5
03/17/14NRL Round 2 IN Gamerod_steel77
03/17/14Rod's Rugby League/Union/A...rod_steel22
03/17/14Battler's NRL Round 2Aussie Battler20
03/17/14NRL Plays (Round Two)...emkee26
03/13/14Thursday NCAABVegasVandal46
03/13/14NRL Early lines and Leanssnake27106
03/08/14CEO OF NRL just said more than 1 cl...Rostos48
02/22/14Caught up with my mate who is now a...Rostos62
01/11/147 Straight BCS Championships for th...StraightShooter107
12/22/13***** New Orleans Bowl - I...Vic-Vega26
12/20/13Usc jillsm731
11/30/13Rutgers vs Uconn and the refsZman5540
11/29/13Take Kellogg out the game.. He's aw...JoeClark111
10/28/13man this forum dead7
10/01/13LMAO @ CUBBIESBling680
09/23/13NRL Finals (Round Two)...emkee96
09/22/13NRL Week 2 Playoffssnake27108
09/21/13Finals week 2Luckylunchbox5
09/20/139/19 Week 3 NFLMetallica246738
09/14/13NRL from America 2013bevoaustintx219
09/12/13EARLY NRL BETS FOR 2009AussiePunter10172
08/25/13NRL ROUND 24!Bet_The_House15
08/25/13NRL Week 24snake27105
08/24/13Battler's NRL Round 24Aussie Battler11
08/08/13NRL Opening Lines (Round 22)...emkee13
08/07/13Battler's NRL Round 21Aussie Battler6
08/07/133rd Ashes TestAussie Battler7
07/29/13NRL Plays (Round Twenty)...emkee85
07/29/13NRL Week 20snake271013
07/29/13Battler's NRL Round 20Aussie Battler11
05/20/13NRL Week 10snake271028
05/14/13NRL Week 9snake271038
05/14/13NRL Plays (Round Nine)...emkee21
05/10/13Centrebet daylight robberydavopnz32
05/05/13NRL Plays (Round Eight)...emkee40
04/29/13Super Rugby & NRL AprilOil-Beef-Hooked56
04/29/13NRL Plays (Round Seven)...emkee53
04/24/13Let's Have Some Fun! Your Predictio...HeadOverHeart23
04/11/13NRL Week 6 Opening lines.snake271013
04/11/13NRL Round 5 & AFLLuckylunchbox20
04/10/13Rod's Rugby League/Union/A...rod_steel35
04/08/13Battler's NRL Round 5Aussie Battler47
04/07/13NRL Plays (Round Five)...emkee31
04/07/13Sunday Night NRL In Gamerod_steel46
04/05/13BAY VS IOWARaidermex12
04/04/13HAWKEYES/BEARS SIDEHypnos20046
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