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01/27/15Alvarado +140LarryParker12
01/26/15Texas Rednc1capper7
01/26/15What is the shelf-life of cocaine?strippersnbens27
01/26/15Going to New Orleans soon, need som...SteelCash7
01/26/15NHL all star game LARGEbmiller163212
01/26/15NHL all star game nc1capper1
01/23/15Belichick fires ball boyBluefin8
01/23/15May 2nd nc1capper25
01/23/15In Vegas 1/22-25; looking..wounded_duck5
01/20/15Jon jones denial , interviewnc1capper1
01/19/15Urben and the knee nc1capper35
01/19/15Super teaser ----nc1capper1
01/19/15Red wings gonna cost me 8kZman5514
01/18/15Freemont StreetJohnnyJet00239
01/18/15Stiverne.... Cut the ring off!!!!!hen74
01/18/15How the FUCK do bookies make money?...eddothebook52
01/18/15Worst day of my betting lifestuddman7329
01/18/15Zumbano nc1capper2
01/18/15Russell Westbrook nc1capper1
01/18/15The money you've spent on gambling....Canada_Chris15
01/17/15When did joe become a schmonc1capper8
01/17/15Super Bowl weekend. Who's goingtahoejoe212
01/16/15FIght is SIGNED...ANnouncment in a ...Jerseyboy899
01/15/15If you're a 90 year old guy in vega...strippersnbens14
01/14/15My source telling me Mayweather-Pac...Jerseyboy896
01/13/15bowl seasonnostradamus1245
01/13/15Oregon vs Ohio stProfessional126
01/13/15I am losing 14 kDucks_Homer26
01/12/15Manning was more interested in show...begginerboy8
01/12/15So long Peyton nc1capper36
01/11/153 Nights at a Casinoisport35
01/11/15Denver lose SU because of teasers?7
01/11/15GRAMPS CANT RUN?juveunits6
01/10/15Flyers Flyers Flyers4
01/10/15Need help from my Vegas peepsCrashdavis56510
01/09/15Gambling with a wife James_Dean20
01/08/15CrazyMilkMan's NBA WednesdayCrazyMilkMan36
01/07/15Bucks+4.5 and Pistons+8.013
01/07/15San Antonio Bigbritman432118
01/06/15Dumb Newbie Vegas QuestionsRalphSpoilsport6
01/06/15Chris Christie is our next presiden...tstove15
01/06/15I love Manny PacquiaoRidgewoodRob2
01/06/15Getting Booted from Sports Books fo...RalphSpoilsport26
01/05/15any strip joints open during day?Bostoncj9
01/04/15I had my first threesome last nightfartnsniff233
01/04/15The Greatest Horse Capper EverCrashdavis56512
01/04/15FOX needs to fire Aikman for his bi...johnny134918
01/04/15CH Ballers Saturday Wild CardCH_Ballers4
12/31/14Bowling For $PapaShango39
12/29/14What type of tea you likeorion18
12/27/14The smart money by Michael Konikisport7
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