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11/26/14Tar Heels nc1capper6
11/26/14Can UNC miss any more FT's?viro5
11/26/14wednesday hoopsnostradamus128
11/26/14Steve smithnc1capper2
11/26/14Impeach gov Nixonnc1capper10
11/25/14What is the annual salary of a mode...scalabrine29
11/25/14Sportsbook Tipping EtiquetteWheelhouse2632
11/22/14Is covers gonna start a Atl city/NJ...Natty6816
11/22/14Big Mac 'sandwich'BWS7724
11/22/14What type of tea you likeorion15
11/21/14Do women talk to each other in the ...searchwarrant16
11/21/14Dudes are straight celebrating whil...Carpinteria7
11/21/14Puttin $2000 onthe KC CHIEFS BigBoss8821
11/21/14WTF KC DEF5
11/20/14Wow K.Csoak3154
11/20/14CrazyMilkMan's NBA WednesdayCrazyMilkMan17
11/19/14Carmelo and the Knicksnc1capper3
11/18/14Donatella Versace may be the uglies...scalabrine19
11/17/14Chicken Big KingAl_Capone12
11/17/14sea foodorion26
11/16/14I don't always post, but when I do....SystemPlays99928
11/14/14Who out there sports gambles for a ...30
11/14/14A movie for us gamblers this holida...calicappin25
11/13/14Winston point shaving8
11/13/14A Little HelpThreePete1419
11/11/14Parlay st Lounc1capper1
11/11/14Georgia Tech @ N.C.State (GOY)GAMEBLE699
11/09/14You could see that coming in Detroi...sean21145
11/09/14Do bookie's lose money?RantinRave163
11/09/14Bernard nc1capper4
11/09/14Wolfs picks....3 units.wolfhunter23
11/09/14Kovalev v HopkinsMack0523
11/09/14Utah +9.5 large and ML +280 Medium13
11/08/14Todd Grahamnc1capper7
11/08/14LOW POST-- SIDE OF YEAR:...m1552538
11/07/14Westbrook tonight vs GrizzliesEl_Loco_Ade7
11/07/14Colin Cowherd's Blazing 5....warcameagle565
11/06/14Serena & Carolinenc1capper5
11/05/14Sports book nowayout3312
11/05/141 max bet for me tonight with write...packers199219
11/04/14Boomer and cartonnc1capper17
11/03/14Advice on staying in Vegas for 30+ ...gmdewar10
11/02/14Vegas.....then where?chaser157
11/02/14Laquon Treadwell - kill urselffaisal2427
11/01/14who would you take for race 12?2
11/01/14CINCI vs Tulane Easy PlaySkitchen26
11/01/14Getting Booted from Sports Books fo...RalphSpoilsport17
10/30/14First half under --- on that nc1capper2
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