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03/30/17My Gambling Dilema.MIZUNO2286
03/12/17Minimum needed to live the dreamBeergut491
12/31/1652 Days Until Christmas...Gucci Cap...GucciCapper28
12/31/16I had my first threesome last nightfartnsniff236
11/12/16MGM GRAND...BookieKiller18720
11/11/16Lines are UP for Teddy and Prez' $5...theprez432
11/01/16Vegas Loan SharksTheone32430
10/09/16I came in a girls behind for the fi...guggs19337
09/29/16What type of tea you likeorion28
08/28/16Free drinks at the sportsbooksevergreen1730
08/26/16High School Football Lineshawaiiboy396533
07/22/16Where does a point spread truely or...bssports15
06/26/16weed in your checked luggage on dom...BURG2VEGAS31
05/24/16Craziest/best/worst gambling storie...hoku808pc168
05/01/16Gambler Lingo... Any gamblers here...dl36106
12/24/15How the FUCK do bookies make money?...eddothebook61
12/06/15Chicken Big KingAl_Capone16
11/23/15any strip joints open during day?Bostoncj15
11/22/15Please someone help me on the pats/...Yung_Moolah18
11/22/15Freemont StreetJohnnyJet002319
11/06/15Collins- harveys minion - aka , los...nc1capper6
11/04/15Dontay Wildernc1capper3
11/04/15QB ely nc1capper2
09/27/15Recipe for successHardballHarry16
09/27/15Can I buy points at Vegas sports bo...RalphSpoilsport10
09/27/15More than $10,000 across the border...flash182111
09/27/15golden nugget sportsbook questionlordbettington12
09/10/15LOW POST: 1st MAJOR PLAY I...m1552544
09/05/15Week 1amd152
09/05/15UNC + 3.5nc1capper8
08/28/15$2,700.00 Vegas BankrollJayvegas420236
08/27/152013 RSW wagersjdnmoney30
07/09/15Desean jackson - home teamnc1capper7
07/08/15Lackey - washed up nc1capper12
06/27/15NBA draft nc1capper5
06/26/15Cant even lay down a sac bunt nc1capper2
06/26/15Montreal vs Ottawa4
06/26/15Padres time...trends are your frien...Hoyasaxa3
06/25/15Will Memphis be favored next game?3
06/25/15Golden Nugget - booked for 4/28 nc1capper21
06/23/15Germany +470 seriouspks24
06/21/15The fox crew nc1capper3
06/20/15Blaine boyernc1capper1
06/18/15Woman claims she black outed by whi...Killer_B35
06/16/15Vegas June 6-10ad126023
06/14/15Transgender First-Grader...Randisist49
06/10/15Steph Curry wont have 3 bad games i...14
06/10/15Warriors are the definition of "Pap...Fistoffreedom19
06/10/15Curry lmaoMikeyboi969
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