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10/24/14WEEK 9 lines / leans / notes......bookieassassin19
10/24/14Tim Hudson nc1capper18
10/24/14Congrats ECU nc1capper18
10/23/14Did ecu bet against themselves toni...RTRorlando5
10/23/14WTF going on with ECU and uConWAIWAI7
10/23/14are you Fing kidding me E Car.boomersooner182
10/23/14anybody every watch money talks on ...smartapple12310
10/22/14Mayweather vs Pacquiao Finally !!!MIXED_NUTS10
10/22/14The Marlins fan is back5
10/22/14Dumbo fisher nc1capper17
10/22/14Kanye westnc1capper18
10/22/14Was the right call made in the FL S...gotime24
10/22/14Random Marlins Fan at Game 1 of Wor...Skanless17
10/22/14The answer to why cocktail waitress...Bling38
10/21/14Vegas.....then where?chaser155
10/20/14Is covers gonna start a Atl city/NJ...Natty683
10/20/14what do you do with Kaepernick?KillinMeRef28
10/19/14Bruce Jenner has turned into a cros...scalabrine13
10/19/14SF rubes8
10/19/14Kap is a "hustler" will fight to wi...nflkicker172
10/19/14Boldin nc1capper7
10/19/14any thoughts on the last flag on ND...SiuLungBao28
10/18/14Do bookie's lose money?RantinRave161
10/18/14Craziest/best/worst gambling storie...hoku808pc161
10/17/14Wainright is dealing.swass4
10/17/14Pitt coaching nc1capper2
10/14/14Advice on staying in Vegas for 30+ ...gmdewar9
10/14/14How is Resentahl still a closetdavemsh8
10/14/14Dumbo fisher nc1capper4
10/13/14sea foodorion25
10/13/14Rosenthal Buckner4
10/12/14What type of tea you likeorion13
10/12/14Another O's FailureBayArea34214
10/11/14Roughing the snapper nc1capper4
10/11/14Notre DameKaname4843
10/11/14Bob Davie nc1capper3
10/10/14Free drinks at the sportsbooksevergreen1720
10/09/14NCAA wk 6MEGALOCKS204
10/08/14Sportsbook Tipping EtiquetteWheelhouse2626
10/08/14JJ Watt commercial nc1capper11
10/05/14Memo to mike leachnc1capper1
10/04/14SMU @ EAST CAROLINA >>>>>>...fsuseminoles2258
10/03/14 Maidana will give mayweather his t...hendrixandsrv20
10/02/14CBS new women's show - we need to t...nc1capper6
10/02/14"We Need to Talk" CBS all-female ta...JohnnyClay16
09/29/14Opinion about betting11
09/29/14I am an ODU student take the -3.5RGFII75
09/28/14Tom Watson nc1capper1
09/28/14Huge dog everywhere nc1capper2
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