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09/20/14Week 4Professional110
09/20/14NCAA WEEK 4 **** UnderDog ...TRAIN6959
09/20/14Kanye westnc1capper11
09/19/14Getting Booted from Sports Books fo...RalphSpoilsport14
09/19/14Friday nightMkablo842
09/18/14Auburn vs Kansas St game is so fixe...vnguy987933
09/17/14Booking -golden nuggetnc1capper19
09/17/14Do bookie's lose money?RantinRave156
09/17/14Hey white people. A message from t...JEFFMARKETCAP23
09/16/14LVH super contestbroncofn27
09/15/14Free drinks at the sportsbooksevergreen1717
09/15/14 Maidana will give mayweather his t...hendrixandsrv19
09/15/14Anyone here 50 or older?gobuddygo38
09/14/14Wtf Rodney!Hoops14879
09/14/14Seattle closer - Rodneync1capper6
09/14/14When can you tell when a team is ju...getrdonrite74
09/13/14nostradamus week 3nostradamus1257
09/11/14North Texas has 3 total yards so fa...FANTASY_HN5
09/11/14this league has become comicaliteeup9
09/10/14Say goodbye to Bovadascalabrine40
09/10/14which burger joint do you frequent?mainmanmainman294
09/07/14WEEK 2 NCAAFDoubleUp4Life62
09/07/14nostradamus week 2nostradamus1260
09/07/14NCAA WEEK 2 ***** The vall...TRAIN69131
09/07/14Rain Man Picks for Ncaa Week 2Rain_Man25
09/06/14***Xpress Picks: (YTD: 11-...PineappleXpress47
09/06/14The hose bag filing lawsuit against...nc1capper6
09/06/14NCAA Week 2TRoe1524
09/06/14Week 2amd53
09/06/14WEEK 2 lines / leans / notesbookieassassin133
09/06/14Mad dog Russo , any good ?nc1capper12
09/06/14I'm about to drop a monster 2H for ...Ducks_Homer46
09/05/14Pitt QB is horribleThekathimself22
09/05/14Colin Cowherd Blazin 5?18
09/05/14Famous People I've Gambled Withthemaceo20
09/05/14Largest wager of my life...RonBurgundy80824
09/05/14Ok let us be honest here. When was ...Knoxpoker36
09/05/144th and 11GQStatus3
09/04/14vegas noobie .. a few questions ! t...hotsauce6148825
09/03/14Jump on this early line!!stanggt38
09/03/14UTSA Arizona at the AlamoTheDrizzle775
09/02/14Week 1.....6-3.....+586013
09/02/14*****TAKE THE "U"+3.5 AND ...pappadoc23
09/02/14NCAA WEEK 1 *** The Man.Th...TRAIN69294
09/01/14Boomer and cartonnc1capper10
09/01/14Week 1*** Earning the Double Up Way...90
09/01/14Paul finebaum on SEC nc1capper4
09/01/14Heading back to Vegas...clepto28
09/01/14How do you control betting and mone...hyvong32
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