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12/17/1410-1 last night but only 1-0 POSTED...CAPT-DOUCHE39
12/17/14The answer to why cocktail waitress...Bling42
12/17/14May 2nd nc1capper6
12/17/14Anyone get those calls from touts i...spocsstocks8
12/17/14Tennessee Shed some light for me...3
12/16/14UNC vs UNC Greensboronc1capper10
12/16/14Easy ways to make money?bill70232
12/16/14UNC BLOWOUT!!JsLvHigh4206
12/16/14I think my High School team could b...poppingbands173
12/16/14Thoughts on Moving in With my Girlf...ad126066
12/16/14Texas Rednc1capper2
12/15/14Spurs @ Blazers still getting it at...santa8137
12/15/14Christmas Day drop dead dateLarryParker4
12/14/14Getting Booted from Sports Books fo...RalphSpoilsport21
12/14/14Gambling Glossary QuestionAlexeiIvanovich5
12/12/14Do bookie's lose money?RantinRave165
12/12/14Advice on staying in Vegas for 30+ ...gmdewar11
12/11/14CrazyMilkMan's NBA Wednesday23
12/11/14Is covers gonna start a Atl city/NJ...Natty6817
12/11/14SO what do YOU after great day winn...Mrfixers10
12/09/14Sportsbook Tipping EtiquetteWheelhouse2642
12/09/14Just placed my last nfl bet of the ...MuffinThumper26
12/07/14Do women talk to each other in the ...searchwarrant18
12/07/14Is it just me or is it obvious Wins...Knoxpoker34
12/05/14FUKING Kansas is pissing me off as ...Urbanwildlife6
12/05/14Carmelo - HOF - so say Chauncey bil...nc1capper15
12/05/14What is the annual salary of a mode...scalabrine37
12/04/14LOL at Rick Pitinoscalabrine27
12/02/14I had my first threesome last nightfartnsniff232
12/02/14sea foodorion27
12/02/14What type of tea you likeorion16
12/01/14Week 13amd97
12/01/14CrazyMilkMan's NBA Monday8
12/01/14Do People Listen to Paul Finebaum?TheDrizzle773
12/01/14i am now convinced nfl is fixed and...brooklyndondada29
12/01/14Chicken Big KingAl_Capone13
12/01/14Packers - holdingnc1capper7
11/30/14Easily BEST PROP is Alex S...ActionMagnet29
11/28/14Erin Andrews ActionMagnet12
11/27/14Someone tell me I'm not the only on...VegasVandal22
11/27/14CrazyMilkMan's NFL ThursdayCrazyMilkMan26
11/27/14Detroit - in game teaser nc1capper2
11/27/14Impeach gov Nixonnc1capper15
11/26/14Tar Heels nc1capper6
11/26/14Can UNC miss any more FT's?viro5
11/26/14wednesday hoopsnostradamus128
11/26/14Steve smithnc1capper2
11/22/14Big Mac 'sandwich'BWS7724
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