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12/08/16My take on the final 4Boom_Boom141
12/08/16Hope Clemson gets jizzed on by VTfluffybucker6938
12/06/16It's getting out of hand23
12/06/16Bama vs Clemson/Ohio state OddsGSP106
12/05/16Clemson is Clearly the Worst Playof...JakeLake72023
12/04/16Clemson D sucksbjsteel3425
12/03/16Clemson at Virginia Tech (...Covers5
12/03/16Some background info on the reffing...scalabrine52
12/03/16Playoff prediction with Upset Speci...NeverMind20
12/02/16WEEK 14bookieassassin75
12/02/16BIG HEDGE on Heisman Lamar...DoubleUp4Life31
12/02/160n covers for a month. This is My v...kwburns873
12/02/16Michigan best team in big ten27
12/01/16Art Briles to Houston.. You heard ...the1trugr8134
12/01/16Tragedy at Ohio will it...undermysac32
12/01/16Mike Gundyletthepokesplay9
12/01/16Michigan best team in big ten12
12/01/1618-1 ATS in Big 12 Bedlamletthepokesplay22
12/01/16The Playoff System SucksMaxMoneyMaker22
11/30/16Temple 11-0 ATSHabsHater8821
11/30/16Baylor's next Head CoachWalterTibbs9
11/30/16CURRENT ODDS TO MAKE PLAYO...DoubleUp4Life10
11/30/16PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS = MICH...DoubleUp4Life69
11/30/16Clemson vs Virginia Techstuff13
11/29/16Why can't Ohio State play in the co...Gamebreaker2317
11/29/16Okstate has not lost to OU....letthepokesplay7
11/29/16Ogeron in at LSU- LSU drops the bal...blowoutgm36
11/26/16Tennessee at Vanderbilt (11/26/2016...Covers6
11/26/16First post in yearsDroxside9
11/26/16WEEK 13bookieassassin76
11/26/16ARKANSAS @ MISSOURI: A Bla...scalabrine377
11/25/16LSU vs A&MBEARS198525
11/23/16Scalabrine-esque play - TC...swanbomb36
11/23/16Something pretty mind-boggling happ...scalabrine59
11/19/16JW Walsh is a GA for TCUletthepokesplay3
11/18/16WEEK 12bookieassassin42
11/18/16looking for multiple site feedback....YellowFever324
11/18/16How bad is Troy tonight?uscsilb245
11/17/16That field at Eastern Michigan is d...Bling6
11/15/16Week 11 Thoughts7
11/14/16Auburn has a legit shot of making ...42
11/13/16Bama /Michigan final.35
11/12/16Bob's NCAAF Week 11BirdsOnBat8
11/12/16Clemson senior day4
11/12/16Week 11: thoughts about some games,...BandosWB33
11/11/16Wow I am an idiot two road favorite...Damaged995
11/09/16A&M vs Ole Miss line? Could be bet ...IntelPatience9
11/08/16Pathetic clock management..pathetic...40
11/08/16Has a Kansas spread ever been under...Win4Ever11
11/07/16MEMPHIS @ SMU: It is the o...scalabrine381
11/06/16Gotta love when Vegas gives you eas...21
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