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12/22/14The Pistons announce that they have...mtx8
12/21/14arizona gonna cover the game, hahamtx2
12/21/142H TRAP?? Juiced high @ -4...mtx6
12/20/14so spurs +11 was free money??mtx4
12/20/14Thoughts on San Antonio tomorrow ?serge8215
12/18/14Rondo to Mavs done!mtx1
12/18/14Tim Duncan trying to lose??BlindBind14
12/17/14Chance for those of us who did not ...mtx5
12/16/14Lebron James is 1000x better than M...BostonCelticFTW830
12/16/14Bucks win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...its_1999_my5
12/03/14Nice travel ellis for the win!!mtx3
12/02/14Celtics/Hawks undernumber1stunna74
11/22/14What Would You Do?biglouie271
10/31/14Tristan Thompson just beat the Bull...mtx3
10/16/14Calgary Might Just Beat The Blackha...ARUKIDNME14
06/16/14Cameroon Under 0.5 PTS in ...Gee_Gee3
06/16/14nba playoffs3BallBomber578
06/12/14Rays just wonmtx4
06/10/14Monday in the StyBaby_BA71
06/09/14Cleveland in TXBayArea3423
06/07/14Dodgers lmaoThe-Genius29
06/07/14How conveint they had fans at the A...21
06/06/14////////////Thursday Loooo...mikeru349
06/05/14Nats game postponed...bellagioplaya20
06/04/14Ov 6.5 pirates for $600020
05/31/14Will Coach Pop rest his starters if...mtx5
05/21/14lol Baltimorelucky80818
05/21/14What happen to Matt Cain??mtx4
05/20/14Miami/Indiana over 18414
05/14/14***MiamI Heat -7 Backers officiall ...VegasVandal21
05/14/141h Mia -4football_0079
05/14/14So will Miami and San Antonio lose ...mtx5
05/13/14a manic monday in the stypigskinpicker159
05/12/14A Happy Mothers Day in THE STYpigskinpicker122
05/08/14Put the House on Miami -4 1h...RonBurgundy80821
05/08/14wednesdays wonders from the sty...pigskinpicker221
05/08/14OFFICIAL OKC THUNDER BACKE...mikeru338
05/07/14WAS-IND O/U went up 3.5???mtx3
05/06/14I almost win $75,600 look at this a...TEEA139
05/05/14OKC down 15 but live line ...mtx3
05/04/14All In SaturdayMorrissey52
05/04/14TOOK OVER 202 IN CLIPS GAM...Jailbait712723
05/04/14Johnson's NBA Playoffs 5/3CMJohnson113
05/03/14Just an observation45
05/02/14Pinnacle or William Hill?mtx1
04/30/14Cmon OKC hit the friggin open shots...mtx2
04/29/14lol Bulls can't even get a rebound ...mtx2
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