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01/16/17Favorites 1H Cover Trend 2016-2017ct4242563
01/16/17NCAAB 2016-2017MRprimeTIME22564
01/16/171st half, 2nd half OVER UNDER theor...GIANFRANCO11146565
01/16/172016-2017 CBB season (cont...pederson16114
01/15/17Sunday Pho-2046
01/15/17Sunday Plays...kalamus2011
01/15/17Saturday Pho-2046
01/15/17fkn beaver going to score?mrcoo1683
01/12/17Hump day Pho-2025
01/10/17*** CLEMSON @ALABAMA IN GA...Eddy_Winslow436
01/10/17Bowl System - Insane again this yea...Roggs05451
01/10/17CFB Platinum Bowl Season (60% YTD)Tyler2834519
01/08/17$$$NCAAB: 2 Half ONLY$$$Lover65333
01/07/17College BB Trend is 10-2 - Going to...ct424220
01/04/17What do these lines mean? Miami/Vil...ProudJagsfan12
01/04/17can some1 explain why some games ha...MLdogs6
01/04/17Sac's Tuesday NCAA Hoopsundermysac38
01/04/17West Virginia Line movement explain...vicsings2749
01/04/17Tuesday's plays......kalamus2034
01/01/172016-2017 NCAA Hoopspederson162216
12/31/16Anybody Thinks UCLA blows Beavers o...BarneysDad17
12/31/16Bought your girl a Gucci purse for ...GucciCapper60
12/31/16T-REX FRIDAY Bail out picks (Follow...TREX197667
12/30/16One time unc. Last drivemonkeymark524
12/30/16Thursday Pho-2028
12/30/16Late Game, or Early morn??...mrangelojr31
12/29/16Live bet Buffaloes?ProudJagsfan3
12/29/16Will Arkansas cover the 12.5 teaser...bpickin29
12/29/16Sac's Thursday NCAA Hoopsundermysac27
12/29/16LBSU vs. EMUmotowner22
12/29/16$$$ 2 HALF BOWLS GAMES ONL...Lover6537
12/28/16Over is toastJimkellybeer101
12/28/16PIT / Northwestern IN GAMEFD3022
12/28/16Question of the day. More dogs?monkeymark53
12/27/16Omg army bad first halfmonkeymark59
12/27/16Army total down to 4714
12/26/16stomping o58 miami (OH) miss stjustlol46
12/23/161H System Plays ***Season Long Thre...DFreshnes24
12/23/162016-2017 Men's Hoops Season Threadoahu_grown96
12/21/161st Half under systemRamathorn021048
12/10/16Depaul 2Hsituazn4
12/10/16Knicks/Kings 2HUnstoppable Force24
12/10/16Outlaws "it's been a rough...37
12/09/16Season Total 65-36-1 +34.1oahu_grown56
12/08/16Hump day Pho-2020
12/07/16Seton hall over cal ...follow me.4
12/07/16Hump day Pho-2010
12/07/16Saturday 1H System Playswpgjetsfan197444
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