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10/29/16Twitter - TWTRpederson1625
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06/03/16Mass shooting in San Bernadino CANut_Flopper154
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01/26/16The Force Awakensdjbrow11
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01/08/16Pass this to People in charge of ba...cec605717
01/06/162 great new showsMikeMed5
01/05/16Black Lives MatterGetty328
01/02/16do you say merry christmas or happy...mainmanmainman230
12/31/15The best and worst charities for yo...Lippsman22
12/31/15cannot believe nobody is talking ab...smartapple12311
12/29/15When is the world ending again?SupremeVermin7
12/27/15Credit Card DebtKurshka27
12/23/15chiptole possible bottommainmanmainman24
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12/21/15best places to stay in vegas?LuckyBowl9515
12/21/15CrazyMilkMan's NBA Monday8
12/21/15In hindsight, this game is meant to...IfYaSmellLALALA10
12/20/15The only practical solution is to g...SportsFan96987
12/20/15A Police Brutality Memorialcanovsp14
12/20/15heres one for u guysmainmanmainman23
12/17/15talk about karma...the mind... is a...mainmanmainman22
12/17/15nyc and la schools canceledmainmanmainman27
12/17/15Is the american media promoting a r...nature197049
12/17/1512-16-15 DOTD, how about a...Lippsman3
12/16/15star wars excitement?mainmanmainman219
12/16/15I hate humans. 17
12/16/15new cough pandemic going around?mainmanmainman220
12/16/15Anyone else really wonder whats goi...spocsstocks7
12/15/15The Athletes Doing Good Things Thre...Getty314
12/14/15Pre cooked bacon, sausage, ham, and...spocsstocks26
06/03/15Bad Customer Service In Vegas, Post...promark12358
01/24/15I owe my bookie a lot, advice?dubble59
11/29/14got can I get her bac...Messier-11108
11/29/14getting did you get o...Messier-11365
11/02/14Strange things that have happened t...52
09/10/14which burger joint do you frequent?mainmanmainman294
05/19/14What's Best Way To Play a ...DiverRon18
03/03/14a tie in spring training is...PlatinumICE10
10/18/13Fuck Facebook in the face!Kelly_Slater50
10/09/13MGM - How to get free drinks at the...r2edline58
10/07/13stocks that are under $5 ????????bigbill36561
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