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11/28/15Moving to Vegas to become a full ti...collegegambler13200
11/24/15Confessions of a lifetime gambler-r...Bluefin233
11/23/15Bookie Playsmafioso45
11/23/15sls vegasMrSeanHiggs12
11/22/15You are looking live!!!!!!...BWS7754
11/16/15You are looking live!!!!!!...BWS7723
11/16/15bookie play124
11/16/15Not a chance the Pats lose this Sun...bobmaloogatimesfive26
11/14/15Week 11 but its my week 7mafioso2
11/14/15Week 11 but its my week 7mafioso1
11/12/15To Boom Urban etc Please read football201633
11/10/15I resorted to becoming a bookies - ...62
11/10/15to everyone claiming games are fixe...ramboo63
11/10/15Black athletes go on strike at Mizz...CalBear200945
11/10/15Bowl Eligible Teams after Week 10BWS7713
11/09/15So Comps are so stupid nowCrashdavis5654
11/08/15You are looking live!!!!!!!!!! Wee...BWS7724
11/08/15its week 10 but this is my week 6mafioso15
11/04/15What will everyone think when Oklah...mafioso12
11/02/15Porn Stars that are also EscortsTheDrizzle7736
11/02/15Cowherd's Blazing 5? Redbull8826
11/01/15This is week 9 but my week 5 Offici...mafioso10
11/01/15Iowa State +180 vs Texasd1coach6
10/30/15To all the guys who believe in thos...suuma313
10/29/15phixer's i can't get no satidfactio...phixer529
10/25/15Cant fire your awful QB so you fire...mafioso53
10/25/15My Official Playsmafioso2
10/19/15What's going on in Seattle?suuma46
10/18/15May the Good Lord Forgive me for th...mafioso8
10/16/15phixer's nfl week 5phixer543
10/12/15This is my Official week 3 playsmafioso13
10/09/15Teams that need to show me somethin...BWS7750
10/09/15Coaching....Good and badBoom_Boom44
10/07/15WahooS-Train-Boom-Mega- and any oth...chad779
10/05/15******The Indiana Hoosiers...BWS77183
10/05/15Top Schools to Wager on /or Fade $$...DoubleUp4Life50
10/05/15The New York Jets 2015suuma176
10/03/15So this is my week 2 college footba...mafioso6
09/30/15don't get fooled again week 3phixer719
09/27/15Week 4 Look aheadsBWS779
09/27/15bookie play1
09/27/15Recipe for successHardballHarry16
09/27/15Best comps in Vegastnvols16
09/27/15Blackjack oddsJohnnyJet002324
09/27/15MGM Properties charging $150 to wat...StackMyLoot12
09/27/15Convention at the Flamingo in MayCrashdavis56511
09/27/15How good is Cut steakhouse? Lookin...magicman164211
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