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09/27/16Anyone else unhappy with Betdsi reg...mafioso1
09/26/162016 Oakland Raiders thread DaSaltySluG26
09/26/16Denver has better chance to win it ...Gavinnick44
09/25/16Teams that need to show me somethin...BWS7737
09/25/16You are looking live! 2016 RSW's ...BWS7710
09/24/163 players chasin the rest looking t...mafioso3
09/24/16here we go drawing board setmafioso3
09/24/16Moving to Vegas to become a full ti...collegegambler14281
09/24/16WestGate Questionspatritos3129455
09/24/16NFL 2016Polar_Bear54
09/23/16Not chase but bookie play14
09/21/16DEAR SPOILED CHILDREN that...DoubleUp4Life46
09/18/16Chase mode plays2
09/18/16I'M NOT DRINKING THE OAKLA...DoctorSuccess30
09/18/16NFL 3 playsmafioso3
09/18/16Start of my college football season11
09/17/16BUFFALO BILLS: Putting the...scalabrine75
09/17/16I need serious serious gambling hel...ckattar868
09/16/16I've never lost like that ever in m...miami200612
09/15/16suuma's 2016 NFL Week Onesuuma205
09/13/16Jeff Fisher is going to get fired.porcelainfist34
09/13/16Minimum needed to live the dreamBeergut487
09/12/16Dave Robertsmr_bollox10
09/11/16HBO: The Night OfSlobbasaurus32
09/11/16Week 2 MoneyWahooS78
09/09/16bookie report not chase but just a ...52
09/09/16Gimme A Reason Not To Take...GimmeMoneyNow36
09/09/16Most of ya'll are too smart for...21
09/08/16What happened to the resident guru ...Urbanwildlife27
09/06/16Oh they are chasing hard on this ga...31
09/06/16this is how money is madeSiuLungBao9
09/05/16I fell asleep in the middle of Clem...bpickin17
09/05/16any live betting thoughts.boomersooner1819
09/04/16I had mentioned in several threads ...mafioso2
09/04/16Chase Mode Playsmafioso24
09/03/16The rankings are out......BWS773
09/02/16Finally found it PBS 1983 episode t...mafioso108
09/02/16Chase mode plays start early. Chase...6
09/02/16Tennessee vs App state recappatritos312944
09/01/16College Football Week #1tideman24
08/31/16I feel sorry for Bears Fan this sea...The_Goat13
08/31/16Public Betting %JerryWrasse17
08/31/16Colin Kaepernick should be forced t...buffer64
08/30/16SD Chargers +6 1/2 absolute giftFiXmEuP14
08/29/16Does anyone even know what is happe...Crashdavis56537
08/29/16To all the dumbies taking Hawaii20
08/28/16The Very Best Restaurant in Vegas- ...Crashdavis56523
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