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11/27/142 am special col st vs miss standrew73026
11/27/14AK Anchoragec0vers9124
11/27/14Aggie Picks- 26-12 (68%) 9...69
11/27/14AZ vs SDST. Under 1u10
11/26/14Take Richmond Second Halfeaglequill17
11/26/14Perdue game 2nd half under 83 1/23
11/26/14let's crush the books 11/25220
11/25/14Let's Crush THE Books: 11/24imgoinhungry86
11/24/14Let's Crush the Books: 11/23imgoinhungry192
11/23/14SUNDAY 11/23/14p_66227
11/23/14Let's Crush THE Books: 11/22imgoinhungry141
11/22/14Baylor might cover by half!culinguru8
11/22/14SATURDAY 11/22/14p_66229
11/22/14What Would You Do?biglouie271
11/22/14FRIDAY 11/21/14p_66214
11/22/14Plays #2 & #37
11/21/14YOU BETTER COVER WVU viro9
11/21/14Let's Crush the Booksimgoinhungry462
11/21/14Nfl 2 half$$$Lover6578
11/16/14A knee? 7
11/09/14PART TROISp_66220
11/08/14FRIDAY 11/07/14p_66242
11/07/14PHaNToM TNFPHaNToM_CaPPeR34
11/07/14PART DEUXp_66221
11/03/14PHaNToM NFL SuNDaY PHaNToM_CaPPeR76
11/03/14PART TROISp_66155
11/02/14SUNDAY 11/02/14p_66230
11/01/14New Mex/UNLV OTB!!???WINNERZZZ3
10/24/14FRIDAY 10/24/14p_66228
10/24/14*** FRIDAY SOCCER ***badlands4
10/22/14TUESDAY 10/21/14 DOUBLE QU...jimc0911252
10/20/14Mon 10/20 NHL Pickstarget_99
10/18/14FRIDAY 10/17/14p_66184
10/17/14Please help 2h thinking parlay 2500...10
10/15/14PART DEUXp_6691
10/14/14TUESDAY 10/14/14p_66232
10/14/14PART 2freestlyin150
10/13/14MONDAY 10/13/14p_66238
10/13/14PART DEUXp_66211
10/12/14PART DEUXp_66165
10/11/14SATURDAY 10/11/14p_66227
10/11/14FRIDAY 10/10/14p_66205
10/05/14PART DEUXp_66232
10/05/14SUNDAY 10/05/14p_66228
10/04/14Clock Runner in Neb/Mich State game...MagicBoy3
10/01/14PART DEUXp_66138
10/01/14WEDNESDAY 10/04/14p_66231
09/29/ = worst book on planet8
09/29/14MONDAY 09/29/14p_66243
09/29/14PART TROISp_66248
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