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07/16/14TUESDAY 7/15/14 IN GAME TH...jimc0911107
07/15/14Arena Football 201474
07/14/14MONDAY 07/14/14p_6699
07/13/14PART DEUXp_66185
07/12/14FRIDAY 07/11/14p_6693
07/11/14Friday bets Lambolambo4bkfast14
07/02/14no runs 1st inning system97
07/01/14WC picks (((Barb)))Barbarossa204
06/30/14PART DEUXp_66233
06/30/14NOONE Naturally falls Without Tryin...Alan_Watts31
06/30/14Bogus Cancellation on Pk -117 via 5...Pipe-Light8
06/30/14PART DEUXp_66233
06/29/14SUNDAY 06/29/14p_66241
06/29/14PART DEUXp_66255
06/28/ = worst book on planet3
06/28/14SATURDAY 06/28/14p_66248
06/26/14THURSDAY 06/26/14p_66252
06/26/14PART DEUXp_66161
06/25/14WEDNESDAY 06/25/14p_66236
06/24/14Choose wisely World Cup threadBritBull103
06/23/14MONDAY 06/23/2014p_66232
06/22/14WC "1st half Only"Damon10226
06/18/14PART DEUXp_66230
06/17/14PART DEUX 6/17/14 jimc0911227
06/17/14TUESDAY 06/17/14p_66244
06/17/14PART TROISp_66199
06/16/14PART QUATREp_66216
06/16/14PART THREESOMEelsewhere234
06/16/14PART DEUXp_66235
06/16/14Portugal/Germany halftime over 4.5 ...its_1999_my8
06/16/14MONDAY 06/16/14p_66233
06/15/14PART DEUXp_66230
06/15/14SUNDAY 06/15/2014p_66234
06/15/14PART QUATREp_66198
06/14/142nd half pounderndukechi3
06/13/14No score 1st inning and 1st 5 playsBarstoolProphet2
06/13/14PART DEUXp_66231
06/13/14If Mexico are bad, What does that m...SwishSwish123444
06/12/14THURSDAY 06/12/2014p_66231
06/12/14WEDNESDAY 06/11/14p_66107
06/10/14TUESDAY 06/10/14p_6691
06/10/14ughhh i feel like a degenerate shee...kwangusbeef3
06/10/14Where is SportsLab I dont see his p...rolls11
06/09/14MONDAY 06/09/14p_66111
06/09/14SUNDAY 6/8/14 IN GAME THRE...jimc0911134
06/08/14NCAA Super Regionalspied_piper2
06/05/14WEDNESDAY 06/04/14p_66201
06/04/14TUESDAY 06/03/14p_66275
06/03/14MONDAY 06/02/14p_66109
06/02/14Sunday May 1franz55512
06/02/14PART DEUX (#2 In French)elsewhere239
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