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02/01/153 picks 3 blowouts so farbestcappersports1390
02/01/15All you need to know to have 14K in...jrgumpert18
01/31/15Northwestern shaddiness3
01/31/15Give me this $7500 so I can put it ...jrgumpert3
01/31/15New stern doesn't foul??2
01/27/15AFC Asian Cup 2015beertapper62
01/26/15Murray State -7 (2nd half)...KingRGIII26
01/25/15**HUGE 1H Total Trend That...YELAWOLF22
01/23/15What's the best online sports b...L-Rod21
01/20/15BTS MLK DAY23
01/18/15Is Sports betting the worst "d...wkufan34
01/17/15Davidson bet accepted after game st...7
01/17/15Slam it! First half plays to the $$48
01/17/15ANYONE HAVE ANY THOUGHTS O...SeasonPass12
01/14/15January 14th 2K15 ...Blue_Label30
01/14/15Nfl 2 half$$$Lover65119
01/12/15I don't usually post...hakyunn752
01/12/15SMU @ UCF U130 XXXXLTRAIN6926
01/11/15Bailout !!Damon10215
01/11/15Slam it!! First half plays to the $...23
01/09/15My College Hoop Game tonight is so ...AlphaandOmega81
01/06/15Michigan will be the easiest winner...dragon347
01/06/15Monday (1st half only)21
01/05/15MONDAY 1/5/15 IN GAME THRE...jimc091171
01/05/15FA CUPProfessional13
01/05/15January 5th 2K15 ...Blue_Label9
01/04/15SUNDAY 01/04/14p_66312
01/04/15Sunday (1st half only)Damon10254
01/04/15Aggie Picks 73-46 (61%)AggieBasketball36
01/04/15*** SUNDAY SOCCER ***badlands5
01/03/15Worst week ever for me.....johnny134911
01/03/15Saturday Winner$flutie6
01/03/15FRIDAY 01/02/15p_66193
01/02/15Friday hoops (1st half only)Damon10221
01/02/15UIC Large (Write Up)flutie33
01/02/15PART DEUXp_66339
01/01/15Auburn under backersJonEphotBall7
01/01/15THURSDAY 01/01/15 HAPPY NE...p_66231
12/31/14HOW easy would it be for a student ...Jailbait712710
12/31/14haha only 3 points so far 2h.under ...rematch12
12/31/14GAME ENDING PLAY PROVES AN...Twenty5Straight4
12/31/14committee knew they made mistakedntn120215
12/31/14Refs all over seton hallNICK878
12/31/14$$$ TUESDAY BOWL GAMES $$$PrimeKoi19
12/30/14chubb ain't no slub1
12/30/14GA WILL WIN BY 6 POINTSplaysmart7
12/30/14false represent ation2
12/30/14w 45 sec this game should have went...Nba93
12/30/14MONDAY 12/29/14p_66133
12/29/14Aggie Picks 72-43 YTD22
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