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11/25/14Mak's Melodramatic Mondaymakaveli2324
11/24/14WWE Survivor SeriesSparky1019148
11/23/14Long Beach State @ UCLAkaponofor33
11/23/14Wolfs NFL picks...2 units each.wolfhunter16
11/23/14Green Bay/Minnesota totalmellow_wolf5
11/23/14Mak's Scrupulous Saturdaymakaveli2345
11/23/14NBA picks, Saturday, November 22, 2...kaponofor311
11/23/14Johnson's NBA Saturday 11/22CMJohnson19
11/22/14Mak's Friday Fluencymakaveli2322
11/22/14NBA picks, Friday, November 21, 201...kaponofor36
11/21/14NBA picks, Thursday, November 20, 2...kaponofor37
11/20/14Mak's Weak Wednesdaymakaveli2332
11/20/14NBA Thursday3BallBomber22
11/20/14NBA Wednesday3BallBomber18
11/20/14NBA picks, Wednesday, November 19, ...kaponofor313
11/19/14Johnson's NBA Wednesday 11/19CMJohnson122
11/19/14________Ct's Winter Wednes...canadiantruth10
11/17/14Saturday Night NBAPapaShango16
11/16/14NCAAB Tournament Spreadsheetkindergartencapper166
11/16/14Seattle @ KCTHEMUGG4
11/16/14Mak's Saturday Night Livemakaveli2314
11/16/14Johnson's NBA Saturday 11/15CMJohnson112
11/15/14_______Ct's streaking satu...canadiantruth15
11/15/14Saturday 11/15 NBA PlaysKaka1235
11/15/14CrazyMilkMan's NBA SaturdayCrazyMilkMan11
11/15/14NBA picks, Saturday, November 15, 2...kaponofor312
11/15/14I dont want to talk about a play. I...jriv18912
11/15/14Montana State @ UCLAkaponofor34
11/15/14NBA picks, Friday, November 14, 201...kaponofor316
11/15/14Wolf ford @ Stanford Professional13
11/14/14My bookie randomly asked me to pay ...driscoll1828
11/14/14NBA picks, Wednesday, November 12, ...kaponofor312
11/14/14Wednesday Night NBA with notes on e...PapaShango18
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11/13/14Update on Apache Mjcmhou1275
11/13/14Mak's Wednesday Weaponrymakaveli2339
11/13/14Johnson's NBA Wednesday 11/12CMJohnson125
11/13/14Really Pelicans?Dirk_Werner4126
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