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06/28/14Draft RecapKnicksFan184
06/27/14what does everyone do for a living/...Maverick11234
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06/02/14Favorite BandJose_Reyes35
04/27/14Best guitarist TOP 5rockstarrr63
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03/31/14Putin or Obama :Your Choice1129ken36
03/24/14Punk RockSportsFan969819
03/02/14Sunday Phillys Bring me some Doe.RandyResort5
03/02/14Big Daddy V dead of heart attack at...spocsstocks9
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02/17/14farrah teen mom sex video #2ckattar810
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02/09/14Home got robbed last night.DHass2224
02/04/14What is your first big concert expe...SportsFan969848
02/02/14Hey, girls! You love Justin Bieber?TexanGambler32
01/23/14TWC is a jokecardifkill7
01/15/14Cubs introduce new Mascot today Mon...DAVIDN13
01/11/14Why San Diego wins SU: A Cinderell...37
01/05/14The Phillies sign a 20 year deal wi...packers19929
12/27/13Bob Seger or Steve Miller?Jimmag30
12/18/13Twins - Pelfrey. Two Years, $11 Mil...KeyElement10
12/17/13ATTENTION: EUROPA GAME OF ...jhh12336
12/15/13Royals To Sign Omar InfanteSparky101917
12/15/13Chi.Sox GM Ken Williams Said They'r...Sparky1019115
12/14/13Six Flags New Orleans - Completely ...scalabrine8
12/13/13Anyone think Anzhi is worth a shot ...11
12/13/13Mariners sign Corey Hart and Trade ...Tigermike19756
12/11/13Tigers Sign Rajai DavisSparky1019114
12/10/13Roy Halladay To RetireSparky1019111
11/13/13EARLY HAMMMERSPunkassmutha3
11/07/13what is the most you have ever lost...MoneyShot77
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10/08/1360's Random FavesStevenGA101137
09/29/13Late play PHI@DEN with KC ...Gilberto16
09/21/13follow me if you want to winREPLY514
09/20/13Chiefs Eagles Play/Writeup: From a ...Krans18
09/03/13i have 6 months to liveLineMover294
08/13/13Are you above .500 in Survivor pick...snuke623
06/27/13best free porn sitebbcoach51
06/23/13Barbs smilies collection Barbarossa69
04/08/13I came in a girls behind for the fi...guggs19336
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