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12/16/16Post All-Star Home SystemCKP22924
05/26/16MLB RPI SYSTEM 2012bettor2win2958
10/01/15Second game of 2 game NFL Road Trip...Luckydan272
04/21/15The HOLY GRAIL of systems ...JEFFTHEHAT353
02/20/15Official (?) RPI 2013 systemDanrules24682
01/20/152010 NCAA Fave/Over - Dog/...powerade1664
08/27/14College Football: A system to cosid...TheBuddah26
04/16/14SEMPER/McSHADY UNDERDOGS O...semperfi191144
04/16/14T/R Home/Away Power RankingsBuckeyeKaptn243
03/27/14Therizz's NHL Opening Game...Danrules24533
12/15/13Teams after TNF (long break) NFLBurly110
09/23/13Week 3 Home Openers SystemBurly25
09/09/13NFL Point Differential Betting Syst...DegenGamble69
05/28/13O/U SystemCannedGoods105
05/04/13NHL Playoff Under Systemradiobam18
01/08/13nhl schedule released tomorrow..Burly6
11/03/12Accuscore reviews???fullkrause3
11/02/12Thursday Night Football UndersBurly33
10/22/12WEEK 7 - NFL Breakdown Sheetssi1ly377
10/05/12Sitautional Capping 101LeagueCapper93
09/18/12*** NCAA Football Week 3 ***Boom_Boom330
08/30/12MLB RL / ML systemDegenGamble11
08/21/12MLB picks using Monte Carlo simulat...pramsey1843499
07/25/12The history repeats + common sense ...robbypark158
07/24/12UNDERDOG SYSTEMsemperfi19535
06/25/12CHASE THE DOG...VOL.22McShady120
06/11/12CHASE THE DOG...VOL.18McShady85
06/08/12CHASE THE DOG #17McShady154
06/08/12Czech's Bringing Down The Books...CZECH_RAZOR1062
04/07/12STARTING GOALIES - APRIL 7...weeble567263
02/03/12Accuscore system, keeping trackTylerSeguin19341
01/11/12***** IN GAMES 01/10 *****Remcow85222
01/09/12If Ottawa wins I am finished postin...Mtlguy26
12/26/11KS Archived Plays (as promised)KScapping1038
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