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10/05/16Phixers NBA Playoffsphixer1194
06/29/15post your best lock of the day here...jmiramontes512
10/27/13Game over in foxboroughfalcons121225
11/23/12NFL Fix? Please reply...Hockeyjock257
10/05/12infield fly rule bmiller163261
09/19/12MONDAY NIGHT poolman1144
09/05/12Nflx Vietnamese Betting Stylewhite_Tiger111
08/19/12Mark SanchezFadeOnly37
08/13/12SJSharks - Sunday BasesSJSharks9988
06/30/12MLB FRIDAYManassaMauler161
05/29/12Refs clled crooked game...tonyrome43
05/20/12Danny Granger is a little pussAsomugha31
05/08/12MY TOP PLAY OF THE DAY Raging_Fetus116
05/02/12THE NBA ISNT FIXEDBadBeat2365
04/17/12If you lost money Sunday....make it...MRSUREPICKS143
03/28/12////////////////STANFORD -...mikeru3135
03/11/12F U Pay me Saturday 2nd halfs 1153
02/25/12**ESPN 9:00 MARQUETTE AT W...HERMES74
02/01/12YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING MEpucku2736
10/15/11no way cards lose tonight it's not ...chuckdaduck43
10/01/11Bodio's MLB Fri 09/30 (Playoffs)bodio66
09/30/11Bodio's MLB Wed 09/28bodio240
09/24/11Bodio's NFL -- Week 2bodio135
09/15/11Bodio's NFL 2011 -- Week 1bodio120
09/05/11My SON is BEING BORN TODAY...HoldenRg88
09/02/11Bodio's MLB Thur 09/01bodio181
08/21/11Bodio's MLB Sat 08/20bodio105
08/12/1112:10 EST - San Diego Padr...si1ly21
08/12/11Bodio's MLB Thur 08/11bodio73
08/10/11TUESDAYS SLUGGERS$$$$$$poolman1167
08/09/11Bodio's MLB Mon 08/08bodio83
07/31/11Bodio's MLB Sat 07/30bodio87
07/28/11Bodio's MLB Thur 07/28bodio64
07/20/11Bodio's MLB Tue 07/19 (Pic...bodio101
07/15/11Bodio's MLB Thur 07/14 (Pi...bodio93
07/08/11Bodio's MLB Thur 07/07 (Pi...bodio102
06/29/11Bodio's MLB Tue 06/28bodio84
06/27/11Bodio's MLB Sun 06/26bodio60
06/22/11Bodio's MLB Tue 06/21bodio172
06/01/11Bodio's 2010-2011 NBA Fina...bodio83
05/31/11Report: Marc Cuban wagered $150k on...Brakon0075
05/19/11SEAWEED`S NO BRAINER WEDNE...seaweed82
05/14/11SEAWEED NATION RANKINGS...seaweed66
05/12/11Ct's playoff $$ - Down to the wirecanadiantruth26
05/02/11Osama bin Laden is deadvtec62649
02/22/11ive been using the kenprom fan matc...poolman11117
02/11/11SHIRLEYS FRIDAYS LINES FOR...shirley-jester102
01/03/11NFL Week 17andarmac99127
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