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12/23/16Here is an early Christmas Present gtmoney763
12/23/162H ILLINOIS ST -2gtmoney7612
12/23/16Illinois State Redbirds -2.5 1H TuffFish17
12/06/16What was the 2H opening linegtmoney764
10/24/16Next Time some one mentions that "V...gtmoney7645
10/23/16Cardinals 2H 4
10/11/16one of these day I will learngtmoney765
10/10/16Watching the game...some notes and ...gtmoney761
10/08/16ND Under 2H whatever it is7
09/25/16A Guy to Watch....Mikael Torpegaardgtmoney762
09/13/16WTF is up With 5D Anyway?pinballwizard8
09/13/16SF+3.5 for 2 Dimes 2Hgtmoney761
09/10/16NY/Tampa Rain Delay....Any NY peopl...gtmoney762
04/18/16Two for the early morninggtmoney763
12/16/1518-2 run, wtf oral roberts3
11/23/152H Stanford3
11/14/15Good site for each game previews ??...gtmoney767
09/12/15What is the best sight for game pre...1
08/31/15Monday gtmoney764
07/01/15Day 102
06/16/152 Mugsgtmoney763
06/05/15Girls semi french open1
06/02/15Day 9 39-26 for RG5
06/01/15RG Day 8gtmoney767
05/31/15Roland Garros Day 7 gtmoney7610
05/30/15Day 6gtmoney766
05/28/15Day 5 Roland Garrosgtmoney764
05/28/15Day 4 Roland Garrosgtmoney768
05/27/15OAKLAND/DETROIT OVER 7.5 R...Hail2TheChimp25
05/26/15Day 3 Roland Garros gtmoney7611
05/26/15French Open Day 2gtmoney7611
05/24/15French Open Day 1 Leans. Will confi...gtmoney7610
05/23/152015 ATP/WTAbevoaustintx239
05/23/15knapp -185 over Vincigtmoney7633
05/23/15French Open Drawrzagza6
05/23/15Wednesday Plays and Qualifiersgtmoney764
05/23/152 for Fridaygtmoney766
05/23/15Roland Garros head start to researc...gtmoney761
05/20/15Tuesday plays13
05/18/15Word of Warning and Monday Playsgtmoney764
05/15/15what about Under on cubs game ?jmiramontes517
05/14/15Late night treatgtmoney766
05/13/15One play for the afternoon , 1 othe...4
05/02/15Tennis(Estoril, Munich, Istanbul)n3gative17
04/28/15Tuesday Playsgtmoney763
04/23/15Will Nadal make it to the final of ...wallet6
04/22/15Wednesday Playsgtmoney764
04/21/15Dodgers -133gtmoney761
04/21/151st 5 innings Pittsburg/Chicagogtmoney761
04/09/15Thursday rundowngtmoney764
04/08/152 challenger early matches2
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