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03/30/12Should I feel weird that moms still...NoseHair59
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07/06/11Online Casino=Devilerikfiener2233
04/07/11Putting Gamecoldsnap5566
01/29/11What's your favorite beer?reppendayay161
04/27/10Please pray for my Dadragingstorm241
12/31/09PREDICT THE EXACT MONDAY N...jlt9889225
07/21/09Pokerfan loginpeyton21904
04/12/09Best hooker in Las Vegas (joke)Paffer27
02/23/09Entourage is back SundayNJDevils28
02/12/09Mortgage Holiday in the UKKOAJ16
02/03/09Las Vegas Gaming Commission removes...lemonsky17
01/23/09Ongoing email spat between myself a...ChanceP51
01/13/09How do you quit online BJ cold turk...kayamoses22
01/08/09Anyone watch The Shield?snuke14
12/31/08What could I have done differently?NJDevils17
12/30/08Sons of Anarchypowerade13
12/29/08check raises on the river to go all...duhrealdeal18
12/29/08Before The Devil Knows. You're Dead...searchwarrant11
12/23/08What do you guys think I should do ...vanzack106
12/23/08Rosie's new show ties for last plac...Paulsy13
12/22/08$ 5000 freerollsoup-can10
12/20/08Just got Laid Off! Talk about a wed...kuddish46
12/15/08100% Never happened in the NFL kenzotrash41
12/14/08Where to golf in Vegas ?lifemisspent4
12/11/08Did you guys know that Obama smokes...gutcheck51
12/10/08Ultimate bet payoutanth2723
12/10/08"Survivorman" down to las...Greyhound23
12/10/08Human Wrecking BallsNJDevils5
12/09/08*Monday Night Mania*bibendi23280
12/09/08OJ sentented to 15 years in jail FirstAgain47
12/09/08Do you know the answer to this.....kuddish17
12/08/08World of WarcraftMWC17
12/08/08ESPN user wins Streak for the Cash ...revengeissweet112
12/08/08Man V FoodJimRockford10
12/08/08The worlds most dangerous hike vide...Mikael995
12/08/08Oil now at 44 a barrel, is OPEC goi...cd32916
12/08/08My fight with Subway sandwichesrevengeissweet1100
12/07/08Today's femaletodays teacher studen...CountNo_Account35
12/07/08LMAO @ Army prank played on Navy th...FirstAgain6
12/06/08Poker TellsLaHaterz22
12/06/08Covers Family: I need your helpResidinginReno4
12/06/08Ravens -5beerme6
12/06/08Covers poll. I'm calling easy12
12/06/08I couldn't make this story upCrusCrnshw31
12/05/08NBA Hoops Friakshun25
12/05/08thieves steal 100 million dollars i...Gene0246
12/05/08People wearing sunglasses at night ...JEFFMARKETCAP16
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