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10/22/16Washington -35THEMUGG29
10/21/16So there's a debate tonight and the...Inyourlife1648
10/20/16Presidential Electionvanzack836
10/19/16Alabama to win SEC Champgmitran7
10/17/16Now that this thing is over, what's...ClubDirt43
10/17/16Seeking Prop Trump to suspend campa...Inyourlife1656
10/15/16From the law firm of Oh & SnapInyourlife168
10/15/16Trump vs Ryan = awesomemattbrot21
10/15/16How will they spin this one?BWS77129
10/14/16Anyplace to get odds on Hillary not...TILTOLOGIC21
10/14/16BPICKIN WEEK 6 NFL 1 play ...bpickin21
10/13/16Parlaying to US Pres ElectionSabanesque8
10/11/16The debate was rigged 83
10/10/16Donald Trump Says Bill Clintonzamigo621
10/07/16Please Vote for Gary and please, pl...Crashdavis56537
10/04/16trumps taxes exposedmainman1111146
10/04/16Trumps says soldiers with PTSD are ...DogbiteWilliams6
09/29/ - slow pay alert, po...ILLZ87
09/20/16MRxKRAZZ NFL Week #2MRxKrazz86
09/14/16bloom berg poll puts team Trump up ...5
07/28/16Betting on Politicsalangrrbs186
07/22/16any books offering vp odds?smartapple12356
02/25/16Guys each of us should share what b...scoutagent2425
02/12/ not paying46
02/07/16Spreads don't matter much in SB...gmitran3
01/26/16Hey Suuma do you ever get tired of ...bunny2420
01/26/16well here it is and I know Im right132
01/13/16the last flag on the seahawks meant...totallypsycho12
01/11/16The proof of 2015: Why you will hav...suuma94
01/08/ Questiongmitran1
01/02/16Can Broncos Win AFC and Super Bowl ...Europa42
12/30/15Seahawks @ Cardinals: Does anyone k...hustle_man16
12/28/15I'm about to kick this PC screen in...scalabrine48
12/27/15Week 16 Discussion - Only adults pl...suuma68
12/27/15Ok, I've never seen that one beforeClubDirt17
12/22/15bowl games threadmafioso20
12/20/15some opinions on this 4 team - 13 p...SiuLungBao8
12/19/15Take the BucksIfYaSmellLALALA39
12/19/15Chris Paul fouling Aldridge down 6 ...larryhughes37
12/18/15Ohio State +1700 Discussion Ih8coldweather23
12/18/15Milwaukee at Golden State (Friday 1...VGPOP13
12/17/15Jets should roll over Cowboys Satur...footballsmart5
12/16/15MAYWEATHER JUST BET 350000...Axtionreed48
12/13/15NFL Week 14Wizerguy31
12/11/15Superman vs. Batmankodiak5
12/11/15Thursday Night Football ( Minn@Ari...Wizerguy62
12/10/15ANYONE WANNA TALK WEEK 14?...bpickin44
12/09/15To all the guys who believe in thos...suuma335
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