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12/28/14Atlanta Falcons will win and make i...YELAWOLF5
12/28/14If you plan on putting money on the...31
12/26/14Don't worry Clip backers. You can b...buddytheelf21
12/25/14Christmas Day insatiable10
12/25/14XMAS 2H5
12/23/14DARK UNIFORMS WINNING AGAI...meatwhistle12
12/23/14Seems like the perfect chance to ta...Shark_Attack93
12/23/14NFL PLAYS WEEK 16, You can...diamonddawg32
12/22/14Vegas will be loading up the brinks...8
12/22/14Does Sea Lay down like Indy 8
12/22/14Seattle is done....Tanttii24
12/22/14Seattle kicker u are Chet!!Tanttii35
12/22/14one of those games pick the right s...budwiser17
12/21/142h line guess ?football_0079
12/21/14Fade the MACmr_bollox9
12/21/14Saturday PicksMrManning23
12/20/14WESTERN MICHIGAN-2.5 WEST...lovethedough31
12/19/14Sixers +4.5BornToDie8
12/18/14System playfootball_00758
12/16/14SAINTS VS FALCONSplaysmart5
12/16/142h picktom-jerry7
12/16/14Bears throwing the game. Game OVER22
12/15/14Saints Better Stats…2nd Half N.O. BayArea3423
12/15/14congrats saints backersM0n3y2BMad314
12/15/14Are all you Saints backers ready to...Knoxpoker8
12/14/14Watch Detroit get this back door co...YELAWOLF4
12/14/14Viqueens +6.5 2Hfootball_0074
12/11/14Cardinals -5.5 football_0075
12/11/14Samurai pickvietsamurai10
12/11/14Stock Pick - MNKDLouis_IV249
12/11/14NBA system play. 0-0 GietTuiNo10
12/11/14POW Hou/Gs OVER 103.5 1H10
12/10/14Kentucky 2h?2
12/09/14KKEEP it simple folks NO M...Mrfixers9
12/08/14"Rise up " my A$$ Falconsfootball_0077
12/08/14Miami -4, Tenn -4.5, USC M...VegasVandal33
12/07/14I gave you Alabama 2H and full game...lil_b_swag20
12/06/14YOU ARE AN IDIOT BE TAKEN ...GriLo19
12/06/14Georgia TechFryingPanShoal7
12/05/14LOL @ people on the Bears...AStefani33
12/01/14PHaNToM NFL SuNDaY PHaNToM_CaPPeR39
11/28/14No brainer for tonights gamerealalmanac40
11/27/14I am on fire. DO NOT fade me. 8-2 p...15
11/27/14Happy Thanksgiving to all !football_0072
11/26/14Been waiting for this spot MLGivmedalute14
11/25/14I'm back to give you all ATS winner...VegasVandal42
11/24/14Ravens backers8
11/24/14*** SNF DAL vs NYG **...vankiep_000731
11/23/14*** Nfl Sun 11/23 PickS ...vankiep_000753
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