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04/01/15Tuesday Humongous12
03/31/15O.D +2 1Hfootball_0075
03/31/15BIGGEST PLAY OF THE NIGHT ...714cuzzin314
03/31/15CALM DOWN AND FOLLOW A NBA...examine25
03/30/15Mem -2.5 2Hfootball_0073
03/30/15Loy -4.5 2Hfootball_0073
03/30/15Feartheweb bballFearTheWeb26
03/30/15$$$$$$ SAIGON WEEKLY NBA T...SaiGonVN19827
03/30/15Another fixed tournament-3 #1s and ...budwiser33
03/30/15$$$$$$ SAIGON SUNDAY NBA P...SaiGonVN198214
03/30/15Pho -0.5 1Hfootball_0079
03/30/15MSU +4 2ND HALF SOgood13
03/29/15San -2 2Hfootball_0072
03/29/15Duke -1 1Hfootball_0075
03/29/15Msu/Lou 2h under 71football_00710
03/29/15ND +7 2Hfootball_00710
03/28/15Bye bye Ky -11, -7 2h and possible ...football_0073
03/28/15Kentucky/Notre Dame!!!!!!!...realalmanac6
03/28/15And THAT is how you beat KentuckyBWS7711
03/28/15UofA ml -120 automatic cash BodhiLives13
03/28/15Arizona Over WisconsinJakeLake72013
03/28/15wisconsins 3 point shooting 2nd hal...RandyResort6
03/28/15ND Fignting Irish ML +600WinsNow99910
03/28/15OU to the bank!!AStefani35
03/28/1519-0 ANOTHER GUARANTEEDoni1381
03/28/15OVER DONEpleasebrian6
03/28/15Michigan State Spartans vs. Oklahom...KingScorpio17
03/28/15Thanks Ref!!!!FlipsideRM3
03/26/15Wich St -2 2Hfootball_0073
03/25/15Orl +8 2hfootball_0075
03/25/15Feartheweb Tuesday. Max play today FearTheWeb28
03/25/15**** Crazy Underdog Parlay ****midnightprowl32
03/25/15philly put up 70 @ half ! sound the...serge828
03/24/15tor -2.5 pound it to the bankSpardot22
03/23/15ULM -1.5 2Hfootball_0074
03/22/15BUTLER +2 2h19
03/21/15Ohio state 2nd Half to the Bank10
03/21/15wishing mikeru a good comeback stre...CoachFatty9
03/20/15Will any faves cover? LOLQuone6
03/20/15Tourney PlaysIgetMoney1014
03/19/15Georgetown -7.5, -8 football_0071
03/19/15Like I said big 12 mediocre and gav...6
03/19/15Now that is what Madness should be.football_0071
03/19/15Bracket looking healthyFollowMyLead0410
03/19/15Georgia Stfootball_0072
03/19/15So, Iowa State 2nd half, right?jwheels8633
03/19/15ISU was -1200 to win the game now -...JustDueIt9
03/19/15Notre DameAStefani30
03/19/15Kiss the OVER goodbye.TheSource2Win14
03/18/15Robert Morris ML LIVE @ +373Mancity8
03/17/15Seems like the perfect chance to ta...Shark_Attack98
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