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12/02/16WINNER WINNERfat italian6
11/29/16WINNER WINNERfat italian5
11/27/16WINNER WINNERfat italian1
11/27/16WINNER WINNERfat italian2
11/27/16WINNER WINNERfat italian9
11/26/16WINNER WINNERfat italian1
11/25/16WINNER WINNERfat italian7
11/22/16WINNER WINNERfat italian1
11/22/16WINNER WINNERfat italian3
11/20/16WINNER WINNERfat italian1
11/19/16WINNER WINNERfat italian16
11/17/16WINNER WINNERfat italian3
11/16/16WINNER WINNERfat italian11
11/14/16WINNER WINNERfat italian3
11/14/16WINNER WINNERfat italian8
11/13/16WINNER WINNERfat italian1
11/12/16WINNER WINNERfat italian3
11/10/16WINNER WINNERfat italian5
11/09/16WINNER WINNERfat italian1
11/08/16WINNER WINNERfat italian8
11/07/16WINNER WINNERfat italian8
11/01/16WINNER WINNERfat italian2
11/01/16WINNER WINNERfat italian3
10/31/16WINNER WINNERfat italian5
10/29/16WINNER WINNERfat italian3
10/27/16WINNER WINNERfat italian1
10/24/16$$$$$$fat italian11
10/23/16NW -3fat italian5
10/22/16COUGARS fat italian3
10/09/16CINCYfat italian6
10/09/16PITT MINUSfat italian6
10/07/16THE $ PLAY IS RIGHT INSIDEfat italian13
10/06/16Easyyyyy $$$$5
10/03/16HUGEfat italian1
10/02/16$$$$$$$$$$$$fat italian11
09/30/16VERY VERY CONFIDENTfat italian8
09/30/16VERY VERY CONFIDENTfat italian15
09/19/16HERE WE GOfat italian3
09/12/16HERE WE GOfat italian10
09/11/16HERE WE GOfat italian7
09/09/16HERE WE GOfat italian2
09/09/16HERE WE GO!!!fat italian7
01/10/16SEATTLEfat italian6
01/01/16BIG PLAYfat italian12
12/04/15THIS COMING FROM A DIE HAR...fat italian26
11/26/15BIG PLAYfat italian14
11/26/15Chung hot thanksgiving day!!chungnuoc4
11/23/15GAME #2fat italian11
11/22/15NFL IS WHAT I CAN ROCK fat italian19
11/20/15BACK WITH A NICE WINNER!!!...fat italian15
11/11/15HIT THIS HARD AND $ LINE ....fat italian11
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