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11/26/14What What? Do I hear CLIC...SimonDog7
11/25/14unbelievable 14 year old streak con...orangehippo18
11/24/14When the going gets tough, the toug...scalabrine125
11/24/14give me one good reason why denverPoeticJustice14
11/23/14nFl 3:255
11/23/14nFl 2nd Halfsestes17173
11/23/14ALL Houston Backerssydney18
11/23/142nd Halfestes17171
11/21/142h BANGING THE UNDER 20.5 HoldingXYZ19
11/20/14TNF "WEATHER DELAY" 93-65Y...HoldingXYZ39
11/20/1412-6 Last 2 weeks + 29.2 units Post...jjnow23
11/20/14Thurs Nt Pound Cityestes17179
11/17/14NFL week 11 " Delay of gam...HoldingXYZ21
11/17/14***Macwesties Sun. Nov. 16...Macwestie129
11/16/14last game play pound it timeeastcoastkid16
11/16/14Sunday Big Dayoldwiseone29
11/16/14WRITE-UP: OJ Simpson is going to wi...scalabrine48
11/16/14If Broncos lose to Rams I'm convinc...Audball36
11/16/14Vikings at Bears GAMBLING EDGETwenty5Straight16
11/16/14I OWN the NFL wk11 .....Menace07712
11/16/14fade me fellas!!!!!!!!!!!!Sharkysden9
11/16/14FADE ME!!!!!!!Sharkysden6
11/16/14Week 12estes171723
11/16/14Colts backers: Are you wearing adul...scalabrine11
11/16/14On a beach in Hawai'iJackNoff3
11/15/14NCAA wk 12MEGALOCKS133
11/14/14Where are all the Auburn/Georgia th...scalabrine20
11/13/14***Macwesties Wed. Nov. 12...Macwestie163
11/12/14NFL WK10 "The Ruling on th...HoldingXYZ28
11/11/14The Original, The Legendary, FadeFr...PokinSmot487
11/11/14If Steelers lose I'm convinced ...85
11/11/14***Macwesties Sat. Nov. 08...Macwestie165
11/11/14Monday Nt nFlestes171714
11/10/14MNF $$$$$$oldwiseone15
11/10/14@@@BAILOUT MONDAY 11/10@@@...pappadoc35
11/10/14best bet from the best babydilaudid817
11/10/14SNF (POY)estes171727
11/10/14Can Newton or Butt FumbleJackNoff8
11/10/14The thread you should post in if yo...17
11/09/14Football gamble: Nobody is smarter ...comtambi24
11/09/1441-27-1 SNF LETS GET ITdertydude3
11/09/14What do you think... Tell me!Mancity13
11/09/14NCAA wk 11MEGALOCKS119
11/09/14Sun nFlestes171718
11/09/14Well Auburn fans i have 2 words for...packers199229
11/08/14DISMUKES FROM AUBURNComebackid7775
11/08/14 Saturday Nov 8thestes171724
11/08/14Nov 7th estes171713
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