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12/20/14Nba personal foul fridaysHoldingXYZ25
12/18/14Dec NFL(Ho,Ho,Ho Christmas Gifts)Joe$$Moneyline16
12/16/14THE BARBER WEEK 15. 9-4-1...NFL-197544
12/16/14Its raining in Chicago when the sai...HoldingXYZ33
12/15/14NBA MONDAY - Personal Foul HoldingXYZ8
12/15/14taking a stab at the Eagles live mo...Greedybastard21
12/15/14anybody feeling philly comes back f...rustyzbar8
12/14/143:25 CSTestes171711
12/14/14fudge packersaaironworks32
12/14/141 LARGE PLAYPoeticJustice8
12/14/14Sun nFlestes171719
12/14/14Scalabrine Bro!! Check in Please!!!Lakeshow24246
12/14/14Sat Nt estes17176
12/13/14Doc's Sat 12/13 CBBrkydkydoc9
12/08/14BATOR please read...michaelpaul11166
12/07/14I'm Back. Will Retire +70% too. PlacinUnits12
12/07/1412-6 Last 2 weeks + 29.2 units Post...jjnow30
12/07/148:00 ESTestes171723
12/07/14Saturday Big Casholdwiseone25
12/06/14NCAA wk 15MEGALOCKS69
12/06/14SEC Championship Playestes171720
12/04/14Tuesday Bucketsestes17179
12/03/14LMAO @ CUBBIESBling696
11/30/14New England Patriots @ Green Bay Pa...steve8283
11/30/14congrats giants backers. easy money...3
11/30/14Sun nFlestes17171
11/29/14Awesome website here...SteamCave12
11/29/14***Baja's GOY***1bajalife16
11/29/14Pound It!!! 2HBuyTheHalf9
11/29/142:30 CST 2nd Halfsestes17172
11/29/14NCAA wk 14MEGALOCKS46
11/29/14You want to watch a fixed game?Xforged29
11/29/14Auburn Ml!artiemode338
11/28/14Turkey Nightoldwiseone3
11/27/14nFl estes17178
11/27/14NINERS. NINERS. NINERS. NI...RickyRossi525
11/27/147:30 ESTestes17177
11/27/14What What? Do I hear CLIC...SimonDog8
11/25/14unbelievable 14 year old streak con...orangehippo18
11/24/14When the going gets tough, the toug...scalabrine125
11/24/14give me one good reason why denverPoeticJustice14
11/23/14nFl 3:255
11/23/14nFl 2nd Halfsestes17173
11/23/14ALL Houston Backerssydney18
11/23/142nd Halfestes17171
11/21/142h BANGING THE UNDER 20.5 HoldingXYZ19
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