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11/26/15Sunday nFl 11-22estes171722
11/26/15Moving to Vegas to become a full ti...collegegambler13124
11/23/15Bookie Playsmafioso45
11/23/15Why the F*uck is Arizona Favorite??...Mancity27
11/22/15NFL Week 11Metallica246716
11/22/15NCAA wk 12MEGALOCKS194
11/21/15****GOM***** NAVY @ TULSAm1552534
11/21/156:00 CSTestes17177
11/19/15MAYWEATHER JUST BET 350000Axtionreed37
11/18/15MNF Nov 16thestes171710
11/16/15Pound It!!! MonBuyTheHalf2
11/16/15Monday nBa 16thestes17171
11/16/15NCAA wk 11MEGALOCKS486
11/15/15Sunday nFlestes171712
11/15/15Rob Ryan will be fired tomorrowDubfire13
11/15/15WRONG FORM BUT TOLD A FEW ...football201610
11/15/15MAYWEATHER BET 300000Axtionreed11
11/15/15Lot of Titans Love!joepa2111
11/15/15Sunday nFl estes17171
11/15/15It amazes me how anyone would bet d...mrquija2720
11/15/15$$$ if you're having money prob...4
11/15/15Flowers "flowering" before your eye...Ducks_Homer8
11/15/15Washington State backers burn your ...AD932317
11/14/15Late Release *** pod ***Damon10212
11/14/15Saturday 11/14estes171715
11/14/15If you think Rex Ryan is leaving Me...scalabrine81
11/14/15SAT. NCAA 11-14-15tnhillbilly12
11/14/15**Saturday Plays w/ Write Ups**RachelStarrPix15
11/14/15NCAA week 10MEGALOCKS416
11/13/15Friday Ntestes17175
11/13/1515-5-1 YTDbamanag5
11/11/15Trust Marcus Mariota next weekendJamieLanister34
11/10/15MNF 2nd halfestes17178
11/09/15Is it me or Jay Cutler looks highMRQBALL7
11/08/15Sat Nov 7th estes171716
11/07/15BPICKIN WEEK 9 another play just ju...bpickin25
11/07/15NCAA Football Saturday November 7thHOFCity21
11/02/15Sunday nFlestes17178
11/01/15DENVER @ JETS! BIG WRITE-U...scalabrine190
10/31/15LOL at everyone on the Under 7 for ...Justin64936
10/31/15Saturday Playsestes171710
10/31/15early Christmas gift. ole miss-7....william823
10/29/15Why does Joe Buck get all the main ...22
10/28/15LMAO @ CUBBIESBling739
10/27/15SNF Eagles/PanthersMetallica246714
10/25/15Sun Nt nFlestes171717
10/25/15Sun/NFL+ 1 Hot Pickhhgiant693
10/25/15Good start for OaklandBarneysDad48
10/24/15Sat Oct 17thestes171711
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