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08/01/15PART DEUXp_66229
08/01/152015 CFL SeasonRF168
08/01/15SATURDAY 08/01/15p_66228
08/01/15-$128 OR BETTER MLB1419
07/26/15SUNDAY 07/26/15p_66228
07/25/15SATURDAY 07/25/15p_66230
07/24/15Wednesday mLbestes171762
07/19/15Sun Nite ESPN Games this seasonRLeith3510
07/19/15SUNDAY 07/19/15p_66229
07/19/15PART DEUXp_66165
07/18/15Friday 07/17/15p_66127
07/10/15ATP WimbledonEaglesPhan36241
07/09/15WEDNESDAY 7/8/15 IN GAME T...jimc0911151
07/09/15If Toronto could win this game by 2...9
07/08/15Local bookie not offering the follo...sniperswife36
07/07/15MONDAY 07/06/15p_6688
07/05/15THURSDAY 6/11/15 IN GAME T...jimc0911122
07/05/15FRIDAY 6/12/15 IN GAME THR...jimc0911142
07/05/15TUESDAY 6/16/15 IN GAME TH...jimc091190
07/05/15SUNDAY 06/21/15p_66245
07/05/15MONDAY IN GAME wheaty 192
07/05/15SUNDAY 6/28/15 IN GAME THR...jimc091158
07/05/15TUESDAY 6/23/15 IN GAME TH...jimc0911144
07/05/15Friday 06/26/15p_66112
07/05/15Wednesday 06/24/15p_66134
07/05/15SATURDAY 07/04/15p_66229
07/05/15SAT 6/27/15 IN GAME THREADjimc0911121
06/29/15opening roundAnent3
06/28/15KingBruce's POD's 6/28/201...KingBruce17
06/28/15UFN 70JimGunn10
06/27/15Weeble's Saturday Picksweeble567210
06/27/15Having a big day today (So late nig...JohnDman9
06/27/15some early sat mlb shakey1238110
06/27/15Sat MLB TrendsRLeith3534
06/27/15I bet Germany moneyline. They won. ...13
06/27/15Saturday PicksKaiserWilhelm9
06/27/15I LIKE TORONTO AND MILWAUK...eddiegray4
06/27/15Withdraw tips6
06/27/15few parlays for saturday, hit 2 las...Eagles9873
06/27/15Friday mLbestes171725
06/27/15Wozniacki what a quitter5
06/27/15WTF is this Gas Can Kahnle Doing?Hog_Wild27
06/27/15Weeble's Friday Picksweeble567218
06/27/15ATP NottinghamEaglesPhan3632
06/25/15Wednesday mLbestes171722
06/25/15College World SeriesEaglesPhan3656
06/24/15PADRES MONEY LINE & REVERS...eddiegray1
06/24/15Baseball on WednesdayBettyMcWager25
06/21/15Weeble's Sunday Picksweeble567224
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