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11/27/15MR.BIGGS COLLEGE BASKETBAL...biggs3347
11/26/15MR.BIGGS COLLEGE BASKETBAL...biggs33101
11/25/15MR.BIGGS COLLEGE BASKETBAL...biggs3379
11/25/15PART QUATREp_66234
11/25/15TUESDAY IN GAMEGanda129
11/24/15SATURDAY 03/23/13p_66230
11/24/15PART DEUXp_66233
11/24/15PART TROISp_66240
11/24/15FRIDAY 10/04/13p_66229
11/24/15Friday 09/25/15p_66194
11/24/15SUNDAY 12/15/13p_66228
11/24/15SUNDAY 06/22/14p_66233
11/24/15P_66's SATURDAY IN GAME TH...Ganda189
11/24/15SUNDAY IN GAMEGanda80
11/24/15PART TROISp_66231
11/24/15TUESDAY 04/08/14p_66234
11/24/15MR.BIGGS NCAA BASKETBALL M...biggs33109
11/24/15MONDAY 11/23/15 IN GAME TH...jimc091187
11/23/15Monday Early Games Thread.....Bomboclatt14
11/23/15Stanford +3 and over 77.5 2nd halfVegasVandal11
11/22/15SATURDAY IN GAME Ganda120
11/12/15man most of u need to stop gamble c...william82207
11/10/15MNF Bear@Chargers ----IN-G...maccity34
11/09/15Fc dallas match has been renamed Su...Disbarred19
11/09/15SUNDAY IN-GAME THREADelsewhere134
11/07/15I HATE Saturday's PicksGASportsDoc19
11/07/15**Thursday Night Football**Wizerguy16
11/07/15What will GSW line be when they hos...chillinmcm4
11/07/15Pound It!!! Fri 2HBuyTheHalf6
11/07/15New To The Game *First two bets4
11/07/15Weeble's Friday Picksweeble56729
11/01/15P's in the penalty box again I thin...eddiegray1
11/01/15DENVER @ JETS! BIG WRITE-U...scalabrine190
10/31/15SATURDAY 10/31/15p_6615
10/30/15I bet Germany moneyline. They won. ...13
10/30/15PART TROISp_66236
10/30/15Wednesday 09/23/15p_66231
10/30/15THURSDAY 09/24/15p_66161
10/30/15PART 4 elsewhere154
10/30/15PART 2Cowboys00021281
10/30/15WEDNESDAY 3/20 IN GAME THR...jimc091146
10/30/15SUNDAY 03/24/13p_66232
10/29/15PART DEUXp_66263
10/25/15SUNDAY IN GAME, part UNGanda112
10/17/15Friday's Habits in Action ingame th...Barbarossa58
10/15/15Rangers-Blue Jays, a logical approa...KeyElement70
10/14/15TUESDAY 10/13/15 IN GAME T...jimc091183
10/13/15Tues hockey12
10/13/15MNF U46.5 LargeTimeisTruth22
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