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12/24/14Happy Festivusdytide11
12/22/14What? Are you kidding? Sea -7 vs AZ...Cardinals1188
12/22/14What year do kids stop believing in...ClubDirt31
12/18/14Bears over Lions on Sunday! Who is ...begginerboy43
12/18/14All over Alabama -10Pipe-Light61
12/16/14Lebron James is 1000x better than M...BostonCelticFTW830
12/10/14This committe is completely lostBoom_Boom122
12/07/14Is Florida state the worst team to ...jwheels8629
12/07/14Ohio State, Baylor, or TCU?VGPOP34
12/06/14*** Week 15 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom91
12/05/14Will Charlie Strong ever win a natt...strippersnbens26
12/03/14Am i crazy to think Mizzou beats Ba...packers199233
12/02/14Pelini out at NebraskaGreedybastard33
12/02/14Panda to join Hanley in Bostondytide28
12/01/14Oh boy. Which team is going to grab...HappyKane13
11/30/14Auburn @ AlabamaCaliflex6
11/30/14AUBURN BACKERS COME INDaddytrung35
11/29/14Name some of the WORST MISTAKES you...thecentaur87
11/29/14i hate hookersMessier-11178
11/29/14getting did you get o...Messier-11365
11/29/14*** Freak Pics *** (Week 9)jimmydafreak192
11/28/14Great lines in songs...Jimmag76
11/27/14The Fugitive StrictlyHockey8
11/27/14What color panties do you think Eri...strippersnbens30
11/27/14I wouldn't mine having all the Dall...Maukaboy7
11/25/14Very first movie you ever saw in a ...searchwarrant33
11/24/14What's the deal with fans when they...scalabrine11
11/23/14Miss State will be the first team t...droyder6
11/22/14Indiana vs Ohio St -34.5SickDaddyJ36
11/22/14Cake or Pie?BWS7734
11/18/14What do you guys want for Christmas...rr20728
11/17/14I know Oregon Marcus is great kid,b...warcameagle5633
11/17/14John WickJarrett752
11/16/14*** Week 12 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom94
11/15/14Mississippi State at Alabama tnvols108
11/12/14Election Day ** IN GAME **dytide61
11/11/14Has anyone made any money betting o...SportsMavin12769
11/11/14Fsu will win by double digits. -2.5...War_Eagle163130
11/09/14Pittsburgh at NY Jets line?porkdinner5626
11/09/14*** Week 11 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom197
11/02/14*** Week 10 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom77
11/02/14Would you rather have selena gomeZ ...13
10/28/14When is the last time you were in a...TheGoldenGoose139
10/26/14*** Week 9 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom81
10/20/14We say it all the time in the NBA f...scalabrine76
10/19/14--IN GAME--Notre Dame vs Florida St...mikeru361
10/19/14*** Week 8 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom166
10/18/14*** Freak Pics *** (Week 7)jimmydafreak378
10/14/14Baby wipes....NYY92831
10/10/14Was down to 10K at my low point on ...jrgumpert100
10/10/14Bitcoins for gambling....vanzack301
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