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07/24/14Alabama West Virginiashacorie47
07/24/14My "Early" SEC P...36
07/24/14I'll ride any ride at any amusement...scalabrine26
07/24/14"Jake" from State Farmiceman6714
07/18/14Candyman is in California 18
07/18/14Might be in hot water for this one....Candy-Man7734
07/18/14Who's The Next Derek Jeter?Sparky1019142
07/16/14Very first movie you ever saw in a ...searchwarrant24
07/14/14Should I get it in with a chubby gi...Ay-Yo40
07/12/14Has anyone made any money betting o...SportsMavin12767
07/12/14Olde Pictureswarrenator5
07/10/14Why are the Cavs thinking of offeri...emir201214
07/08/14" Leaked " Star Wars footagedytide2
07/08/14Am I the only one that does not see...SportsFan969816
07/08/14Favorite Television Copscanovsp14
07/06/14Child dead after being left in hot ...TheGoldenGoose54
07/05/14What is the most degenerate bet you...BWS7755
07/03/14fun poker quizspocsstocks18
06/27/14This spurs team would destroy jorda...RonBurgundy80853
06/23/14Lebron James is 1000x better than M...BostonCelticFTW801
06/13/14Next POTUS is Rand Paul... and Hill...SportsFan9698122
06/12/14Steve coburn interview nc1capper76
06/12/14RIP Don ZimmerNut_Flopper15
06/10/14Bob Welchdytide3
06/10/14My Argument at Venetian Roulette Ta...pinoy1da16
06/06/14American HustleBET THE HOOK19
06/05/14Clint Eastwood is 84 today.... what...BWS7740
06/04/1480's Arcade gameswallstreetcappers85
05/31/14Do you still listen to a portable a...MaxDemon30
05/30/14Favorite kind of Whiskey?Jaysvdubwhat29
05/27/14Rory McIlroy not ready for marriagemr_bollox21
05/26/14Thanks to all that have servedHutchEmAll12
05/20/14Has anyone here ever been down $400...GzPlex41
05/17/142015 Draftdytide3
05/14/14Bitcoins for gambling....vanzack299
05/01/14Best Song for Gamblersjt3218
04/27/14Asking for acceptanceProtoStar624
04/26/14Golden Tate sign with Lionsdytide16
04/25/14What are your favorite 'bad' movies...BWS77117
04/25/14Jacob Coker to Alabama..getem47421
04/23/14What is your favorite beer?strippersnbens56
04/21/14What are some of the safest cities ...strippersnbens16
04/20/14Happy Easterdytide5
04/19/14I WOULD DRAFT SHABAZZ OVER...jriv18928
04/17/14Sicko leaves backpack at boston mar...ckattar811
04/17/14DO YOU LIKE FRITOS?jimc091120
04/16/14Jack Wheeler...right on point...AStefani53
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