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10/22/14*** Week 9 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom34
10/20/14We say it all the time in the NBA f...scalabrine76
10/20/14Very first movie you ever saw in a ...searchwarrant27
10/19/14--IN GAME--Notre Dame vs Florida St...mikeru361
10/19/14*** Week 8 NCAA Football ***Boom_Boom166
10/18/14*** Freak Pics *** (Week 7)jimmydafreak378
10/16/14Has anyone made any money betting o...SportsMavin12768
10/14/14Baby wipes....NYY92831
10/12/14Lebron James is 1000x better than M...BostonCelticFTW811
10/10/14Was down to 10K at my low point on ...jrgumpert100
10/10/14Bitcoins for gambling....vanzack301
10/09/14Once again top teams go down (Week ...m0rtgageguy17
10/09/14Great lines in songs...Jimmag74
10/08/14Obama Booed During PSA at Michigan ...zelo12310
10/05/14Oregon couldn't beat 2 Teams in SEC...warcameagle5621
10/05/14so patheticKnicksFan185
10/04/14Name some of the WORST MISTAKES you...thecentaur55
10/01/14Who's The Best Actor Going?Sparky1019166
10/01/14Royals/A's in gameJEFFMARKETCAP326
09/29/14new to covers just saying hinoguts33
09/28/14When is Atlanta gonna fire that wor...tenorbrett5
09/27/14Commonly used words or phrases you ...searchwarrant32
09/26/14It finally happened - J Law picslifemisspent33
09/23/14great kiddytide5
09/23/14Best 3 teams in each conferencemotowner6
09/21/14girl says she'll let me know? kct08979
09/18/14Who will be our next president?Coloneljim71
09/17/14Turning $2250 into $100K on opening...matty441204115
09/15/14Most powerful solar storm in years ...JEFFMARKETCAP34
09/15/14Jay Cutler will be a superbowl winn...GambleWhore21
09/15/14Bears ML & O47 parlay +650TRAIN69115
09/13/14Who will be the first coach to get ...JohnnyClay33
09/07/14Did Marie Osmond lose 50 pounds?Coloneljim23
09/07/14two bad teams UCLA vs Texasboomersooner184
09/05/14Commercial of the yearKurshka16
09/04/14Favorite Television Copscanovsp15
08/29/14I am upsetcapperator23
08/27/14Ariana Grandedytide27
08/27/14win-mcmurry-does-ice-buck et-challe...Sled3
08/26/14Alabama West Virginiashacorie57
08/26/14Ferguson monc1capper343
08/25/14Favorite old school hip hop songsSportsFan969812
08/25/14What songs do you just have to play...Johnzimbo3418
08/21/14Can I get my girlfriend back???? Ne...ckattar8218
08/17/14"Jake" from State Farmiceman6727
08/12/14My "Early" SEC P...45
08/10/14Rory McIlroy not ready for marriagemr_bollox22
08/03/14getting did you get o...Messier-11365
07/29/14I'll ride any ride at any amusement...scalabrine30
07/18/14Candyman is in California 18
07/18/14Might be in hot water for this one....Candy-Man7734
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