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10/21/16Dave Roberts is the WORST.PapaShango43
10/20/16Great lines in songs...Jimmag95
10/18/16Jeff Fisher is going to get fired.porcelainfist36
10/07/16Is the public gonna win forever???16
10/07/16*** PLAY OF THE DAY **** T...Yamisogood29
10/05/16Has anyone made any money betting o...SportsMavin12732
10/02/16Colin Cowherd's Play of the Yearscalabrine45
09/30/16How can the Bucs beat the Broncos?weekndornah23
09/26/16Smell you later Lessmac3837
09/25/16NEVADA @ PURDUE: I'll be D...scalabrine223
09/25/16need a 2nd half play????? sportsman108
09/22/16*** Freak Pics!!! *** (W...jimmydafreak289
09/22/16Liking Southern Miss -10.5 at UTEPUrbanwildlife50
09/22/16(19) Florida vs. (14) Tennessee Pre...RockstarGator20
09/21/16Asking for acceptanceProtoStar629
09/19/16Aaron RodgersDay-trader134
09/13/16Week 2 review and thoughts-blowoutgm12
09/12/16a few random thoughts from sundays ...wadd3
09/12/16The new Honda commercialsJEFFMARKETCAP16
09/10/16Tappy's Week 2Tappy20
09/08/16Good luck to all this seasondytide1
09/05/16Random Vegas sportsbook questionprodigypoli3
09/05/16So you still think Henry was better...Hoyasaxa24
09/05/16looks like texas finally got a qbMarkDogg201412
08/15/16What's your favorite pick of We...30
08/15/16almost just paralyzed myself opinio...ckattar827
07/12/16Tim Duncan appreciation threaddytide5
07/02/16Who is your favorite Playboy Playma...suicideking5139
07/02/16Shall I Change My Shaq Avatar...canovsp14
06/23/16Lebron James is 1000x better than M...BostonCelticFTW963
06/10/16How are these the front runners for...thecentaur30
05/20/16Watching the movie ROUNDERS...I thi...BrickLayer62
04/21/16What are some edges you've identifi...thecentaur36
04/12/16Should I try to get a loan to pursu...Ravid3242
04/02/16$600,000 bet to bike from LA to Veg...scalabrine104
04/01/16Garry Shandlingdytide3
03/25/16Oregon will beat Duke easily 27
03/23/16Jameis Winston # 1 Pick?habs135
03/16/16Kaepernick to DenverBigGame9021
03/13/16Will Obama miss another important f...SarasotaSlim30
03/11/16Favorite pornstar 33
02/29/16Zoolander 2dytide8
02/22/16What are your favorite 'bad' movies...BWS77124
02/19/16Obama sends Bidenthe1toturn235
02/19/16Favorite Bill Joel song bizkilla31
02/16/16Can we get a recount on the All Sta...thecentaur7
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