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03/28/1519-0 ANOTHER GUARANTEEDoni1381
03/27/15IND lets make a runTsikenBreast16
03/27/15Somebody please tell me why that la...obravo217
03/26/15Bucks really gonna choke this parla...SwaggerHouse2
03/26/15OVER Rallyohone9
03/26/15INDY/BCUKS: over or under ...BigBoss886
03/26/15PACERS THREAD FROM A LOCAL...alangrrbs154
03/26/1561 pt 4th in utah and 7 pts by denv...sillirichi8
03/25/15let's give it up for the magic! you...deucelitre8
03/24/15Toronto is a joke16
03/20/15Refs will do the Rockets no favorsbobmaloogatimesfive20
03/11/15The Art of Tanking: Pistons vs Lake...begginerboy51
03/09/15to all those who say there is no fi...deucelitre39
03/09/15is it possible just to cap games by...raul21445
03/03/15Heat rollllls...MasterMG8
03/02/15Denver players can't wait for the s...LeoX6
03/01/15SECOND HALF DENVER +3 AND ...rnewman122919
02/26/15another example of how refs rig gam...kianinyvr47
02/26/15Memphis really are a top team now.GreenBook10
02/25/15What ruins this league IMORikow14
02/07/15Already have 1k on Warriors TT over...24
02/07/15learned a hard lesson tonight: NEVE...10
01/27/15Tuesday January 27 - Early...UnderDogs197920
01/24/15Klay thomson 13/13dannylhuynh6
01/22/15Kings/Sharks OverMikeyAces15
01/16/15GSW Over Nite Line??BayArea3429
01/16/15I hate Nick YoungPickin_Winners9
01/16/15All in Laker Cavalier UNDER 206.5Tanttii23
01/14/15Referee Totals System 1/13...Sports-Playa77
01/14/15dallas over 214.. 123 at half.. abo...nokeeaa26
01/14/15Lakers Full Game +2.5 Large!Lakeshow242465
01/11/15PHX got me againLakeshow242412
12/29/14Eric Lewis Over Trainbpcuno141
12/26/14Bulls -3 / Under 102 2hBornToDie7
12/26/14Chris Paul getting the Rondo treatm...podsox2
12/24/14GSW -10.5 FOR 2H...LARGEEE...BornToDie19
12/24/14Under lakers lets cash Tanttii35
12/23/14Anyone else watching raps game & fe...serge8221
12/22/14Is this REAL ???? NBA is R...dontknowhowtobe8
12/19/14Warriors to lose their 2nd game in ...begginerboy48
12/18/14Deron WilliamsGrizzbear14
12/18/14Nets vs Raptors165yds30
12/17/14Why is the Raptors line so high ton...chestbrah28
12/17/14dallas only -6.5 in detroit?Lambdaddy3128
12/12/14What's the 2h bet guys? 11
12/12/14HOUSTON -1 MY BIG GET BET ...10
12/09/14NBA Monday Picks (Record 44-20)GAMEBLE6919
12/09/14If the refs need to review this man...serge827
12/09/14LOL Clippersaireent77733
12/09/14Here come the refs giving the clipp...knicksbrah14
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