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11/28/14WEEK 14 HAMMERS!!!!!HammersSpreads4
11/27/14Turkey Day NFL Stylecjm200820
11/27/14Illinois +8 playing against Northwe...Cornerstone10
11/26/14let's crush the books 11/25220
11/25/14Let's Crush THE Books: 11/24imgoinhungry86
11/24/14Husker's Sat Hoops: 41-18HuskerBoy23
11/22/14Johnson's NBA Friday 11/21CMJohnson116
11/21/14Let's Crush the Booksimgoinhungry462
11/17/14Johnson's NBA Monday 11/17CMJohnson117
11/06/14Cuse QB outEStreetMan5
10/26/14NFL Plays With AnalysisMoney4Nuthin8
05/24/14Shhhhh, dont tell anyone. This is t...JEFFTHEHAT898
03/08/142012 Kempom SystemKineProfessor1916
02/21/14********** NBA HOOPS 2/21 ...HOOPS4LIFE3
02/20/14Thursday DBO D-Bo67
02/15/14SAT FEB 15th PicksDiamondJack25
10/25/13BetUs onarush101
05/16/12GiLz Thread'ers ((Wed. 5/16))GiLmo57464
04/21/12The end of online gambling is nearvanzack514
01/17/12Is D Rose in or out today?PKhoa22
01/13/12NBA Friday (YTD 5-7)aggieaccountant9
11/29/11YTD: 43-27 +$2,252SendItIN996
11/27/11Saturday CBB 30 - 4 plus 7...TheNewUnderdog11
11/18/11January Hoopsnropp111309
10/18/11Robin Hoods: PLAY OF THE D...Robin-Hood260
09/20/11Monday Night FootballBigEastExpert78
09/20/1119-12-1 lastt 33footbal, 1...Gilberto14
09/18/11any live streams?Ristras5
09/18/11Week 3 Oklahoma @ Florida StProfessional193
09/13/11NFL Week One Playsaggieaccountant36
09/10/11Streaming sites for college games?BryGuy2477
09/08/11Sharps Report Week 1redskinsnut44
09/04/11$$$$$ DONT BE A SUCKA FOO ...ManRam24101
09/03/11Heritage depositxxxoddsmakerxxx48
09/02/11NCAAF 2011BigEastExpert177
07/23/11What Are Your 3 Biggest Fears?Sparky1019142
07/13/11The one and only MLB System!!!Maglio504
06/22/11ask, beg, talk, whine, shout, whisp...SnotBoogy67
06/12/11UFC 131 plays...dustyent2
06/01/11The New Realities for American Spor...Freedom@Stake14
05/11/11UFC 129 free moneyLenberg24
05/10/11Game 5, Atlanta Hawks vs Chicago Bu...thenatural7432
05/03/11ufc 129...20-14...up 28 un...dustyent3
05/02/11NEW YEARS EVE BOWL 12/31/...investments4you52
04/26/11BetJamaica SarahJPhilli28
04/22/11How to hit 70% (or better) in MLB u...Nabil1627
04/16/11Feds cracking Online BOOKSpinoy1da29
04/04/11FADE the dEER!bodio65
04/04/1104-03-2011 MLBmrenigma23
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