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11/22/14BC Play Calling Blunder Costs ThemRoagBettor5
11/22/14Introducing Tha Greek. (11...ThaGreek46
11/22/14PHaNToM FRiDaY NiGHT LiGHT...PHaNToM_CaPPeR59
11/21/14$$$ Friday 1 play :) $$$20
11/21/14Friday Big Play: Air Force +6justlol16
11/21/14Large play10
11/20/14PHaNToM WNFPHaNToM_CaPPeR38
11/20/14Aggie Picks 10-4- YTD 4-1 YesterdayAggieBasketball18
11/19/14WF & Mizzou both coverillustrious14
11/18/14The only way UMASS scores tonight ....Ducks_Homer31
11/18/14I DONT like bragging on my...CapperE165
11/17/142H All In.... JaeBee103
11/17/14I will be 100% honest IF Y...Twenty5Straight43
11/16/14YTD: 23-11-1 (+$7,260)18
11/16/14Only 10 mins to get this inrealalmanac21
11/16/14just release Griffinbomber010463
11/15/14Absolutely unloading on these two e...realalmanac50
11/15/14CHUNG Left off with a (10-...chungnuoc137
11/15/14Pitts. at Rangers tomorrow12
11/15/14FRIDAY NHL15
11/15/14YTD: 22-11-1(+$7,060)24
11/14/14Parlay Flyers -1.5 and the over loo...15
11/14/14PHaNToM TNFPHaNToM_CaPPeR29
11/13/14***Xpress Picks: (YTD: 27-...PineappleXpress10
11/12/14*** WED. NHL ***badlands7
11/12/14YTD: 20-7-1 (+$6,800)39
11/11/14Has anyone made any money betting o...SportsMavin12769
11/11/14AKRON PUNTER NEED TO BE playsmart2
11/11/14If Steelers lose I'm convinced ...85
11/11/14Tuesday NHLKipper26
11/11/14New to forums but I'm ...12
11/11/14YTD: 19-6-1 (+$6,800)30
11/10/14Should Ron Rivera call run on every...troyes2
11/10/14panthers comeback and win down 24detroitlionsfan7
11/10/14Newton better be hurtCMJohnson17
11/10/14I wish I had bet 1 zillion dollars ...Kush185
11/10/1412-5 and syracuse info35
11/10/14MNF *Alert!!!!*10
11/10/14Charlotte +1.5 2h , $2000callahanm16
11/10/14YTD: 18-6-1 (+$6,550)27
11/09/14SNF Casholdwiseone12
11/09/14Football gamble: Nobody is smarter ...comtambi24
11/09/14cardinals and seahawks are you seri...wootangclan6
11/09/14YTD: 17-6-1 (+$6,050)23
11/09/14@@@KRAZY NFL 11/09@@@YTD(4...pappadoc49
11/09/14Whatever happened to Brent Musburge...FlashThatUUU20
11/08/14auburn done!!!3
11/08/14YTD: 17-5 (+$6,410)11
11/07/14YTD: 16-5 ( +$6,310)16
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