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05/19/16LMAO @ CUBBIESBling755
05/01/16Baked Potatoes?FriedShrimp25
03/29/16Facebook IPO End of Day Value Estim...bigvern101367
01/18/16what is the best era for music?totoyturok59
01/08/16To hedge or not to hedge, here is t...vanzack628
12/03/15Tiger Will Not Win Another MajorVegasVeteran364
10/30/15San Francisco vs New Orlea...BankOnIt22996
10/19/15Can I get my girlfriend back???? Ne...ckattar8224
09/24/15Fav Band of the 90'sjmw5992
07/10/15Favorite Instrumentals-Clutch76
06/08/15*** LeBron James appreciation threa...hustle_man338
03/21/15PALIN KNOCKS IT OUT OF THE...69_Amazin_Mets31
11/22/14What Would You Do?biglouie271
09/10/14which burger joint do you frequent?mainmanmainman294
09/10/14Interesting PizzaStiln15
08/18/14My Bettting Manifesto - long winded...vanzack188
08/04/14What type of food is healthy for ou...orion22
07/27/14Tuna fish sammich recipes?searchwarrant55
07/21/14Obama = Full of it!Captain Lock132
06/02/14Homemade teriyaki chicken Stiln7
05/30/14Went to a reding of the will!JOHNNY_ODAE14
05/26/14Light beersearchwarrant22
05/26/14When to eat what???Mad_Skillz12313
05/18/14Calling Forum Lawyers: Is Donald St...1129ken32
05/05/14New Music Indexjmw5935
04/27/14Donald Sterling is sooo
01/28/14I'm only trying to help you guys. easy55
01/16/14The next 3 will be Rockdog60
12/29/13hahaha there goes your dream away b...Comebackid77741
12/23/13Packer will destroy the bearBigWinner88815
12/23/13Steelers why score the td? run cloc...19
12/22/13Bears off the board.. Why?30
12/17/13Does anyone here still watch Saturd...scalabrine26
12/16/13Hey ChicagoRocNRose10
12/16/13----Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh In-Gam...mikeru375
12/10/13RIP Paul Walkerpayne03451
12/09/13///////Official In Game Ca...mikeru3112
12/05/13I play pickup Hoopsshrimp195811
12/05/13Chicago Bears @ Dallas Cowboys ***I...kn0wn601
12/01/13Rig alert rig alert Minny/CHIits_1999_my24
12/01/13Chi coach is stupidest I've ever se...ccbulldog8
12/01/13Why Why Why?UnderdogKing8
12/01/13Bears have the 2 best WRs in the NF...TimTowner17
12/01/13why did Bears try a 47 yd FG on 2nd...ChaosNation70210
12/01/13About time the real Minny secondary...its_1999_my6
11/28/13MGM RESORT FEES are illegalpromark1236
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