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04/19/16Has anyone made any money betting o...SportsMavin12773
03/07/16For Profit Plays 1/25 FridayGambleForProfit32
02/07/16Lines dictates the game....BostonCelticFTW2172
01/26/16Question for Americans who use Loca...dontknowhowtobe21
01/24/16Open Thank-you to Badlands, Franz, ...18
01/24/16so much for that Aalborg BK vs FC N...Cantiflas2330
01/24/16Strange line movement on Champions ...composite12
01/24/16Monday PickKaiserWilhelm9
01/21/16Phixer has gone tout...AD932387
01/13/16*** Clemson/Bama ***Boom_Boom142
01/12/16*** Bowl Season ( New Thread )***Boom_Boom244
01/11/16National Championship talksunglow39
01/10/16field stupid players, get stupid re...Hoyasaxa23
01/09/16HUGE PLAYprestige3326
01/07/16HUGE PLAYprestige3316
01/07/16bowl stuff.....bookieassassin284
01/05/16A little VCU/SJU infoJFen315
01/03/16Sharps Report LasVegasRLeith359
01/03/16Bowl Season - Dec 19 to Dec 30MEGALOCKS421
01/02/16Bowl Thread....vanzack120
01/01/16Watson just won't run all over ...16
12/28/15Fade Philly in their coming schedul...guyhopestowin6
12/28/15System play from another siteboomersooner186
12/27/15OAKLAND - SAN DIEGO Merry ...OneWhoKnows39
12/27/15philadelphia vs phoenix14
12/26/15Sat NBA TipsRLeith3512
12/26/15PDUBS PLAYS TNF XMAS EVE 1...pdouble115
12/24/15why no nba on christmas evenofix7
12/24/15WS Wanderers vs Newcastle JetsJW_Wayland12
12/24/15What do non-playoff NFL teams have ...composite16
12/24/15Square pants? Northstarmuff556
12/24/15Everyline move has been right so fa...1pumpchump36
12/24/15*** 76ERS MONEYLINE@BUCKS ...placeholder13
12/23/15Wednesday Night Soccer fever9
12/23/15WED CHAMPIONS LEAGUE fever21
12/23/15Monday Socccer fever15
12/23/15Thursday Soccer Plays fever24
12/23/15Monday soccer fever16
12/23/15Tues Champions League - Real Madrid...fever48
12/23/15Friday soccerfever20
12/23/15WED Coppa del Rey32
12/23/15Wedensday Night Soccerfever10
12/23/15WED Night Soccerfever15
12/23/15Thursday Soccer fever22
12/23/15Monday Soccerfever16
12/23/15Wednesday Soccer fever21
12/23/15Australia A-league - West Sydney - ...composite1
12/23/15Tuesday Soccerfever23
12/23/15Thursday Soccer fever6
12/23/15September 6 World Cup Qualifiers fever27
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