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04/27/16I just put $7,000 on the W...TimeTraveler7532
03/16/16Minimum needed to live the dreamBeergut482
03/13/16opinions on Leafs Wingsclark1710
03/11/16Indiana ML Meltdown14
03/03/16penn large ML clark171
02/20/16Valpo Oakland41
02/14/16Whopper Big Ten Gameoldwiseone17
02/14/16St Peters Line Change...MJsPicks4
02/14/16Miami should be the favorite over F...clark173
02/07/1643.5 too lowclark172
12/22/151 MORE WIN TO WIN Prolines...40
11/27/15why is Marshal getting 10.5ptsclark172
10/13/15NO way should MICHIGAN be 7.5 fav clark178
09/14/15To those who listened to me about t...johnnyfry18
09/13/15Why no line for Seattle game and th...clark177
07/23/15Price only -134? Take it and Runclark179
07/09/15Pitt, best value on the boardclark171
05/18/15Anyone no anything about Todd Redmo...clark1710
05/17/15Oak Game TrendRLeith354
05/17/15KC batting 300 VS leftiesclark178
05/17/15Rockies expert 1-4 in last 5 posted...Crashdavis5652
03/27/15my 5th year in a row beating March ...BigChris5132
03/23/15Mich St is garbage compared to last...buffer26
03/22/15VIRGINIA BLOWOUTrnewman122924
03/22/15non bracket game but temple....also...aaironworks4
03/22/15SD STATE +9.5 best bet of the dayclark172
03/05/15Duke BIG12
02/16/15MR.BIGGS 5 unit sundaybiggs3313
02/15/15Northwestern Moneylineclark1713
02/15/15Thoughts on Fairfield vs. Manhattan...lajohn4
02/09/15MR.BIGGS BIG GAME SUNDAYbiggs3339
02/08/15Iowa -6 LARGEAStefani28
02/08/15Why is Rider only -2,5 over Mannclark171
02/08/15***Maryland @ Iowa***import11
02/08/15Oakland + 8.3
02/01/15Talk me out of pounding the overJoe2210
01/28/15Best Gambling Movie EverLateNiteHawaii9
01/25/15Washington @ UtahMakinMallards26
01/25/15Mary will come back and win by13 u ...clark178
01/22/15*********************Wake ...flyguybry2121
01/19/15***Iona@Canisius***2pm Tipmaac_specialist67
01/18/15Would you rather have 2500 on Illin...LEBRONNN26
01/15/15Colin Cowherd had an interesting th...scalabrine81
01/11/15I'm probably way off like usual but...165yds33
01/11/15Give me Michigan12
01/11/15OVER 47.5 Too easyclark1710
01/10/15Anyone like Wake Forest-2clark174
12/03/14ND haven't played anyone, State has...clark178
12/02/14HUGE CFL PLAY POSTED IN NF...c0vers9151
11/30/14Doesn't 42 seem a low total in Car,...clark174
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