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07/30/14Rakeem Cato to win Heisman @ 55-1TRAIN6936
07/27/14Tuna fish sammich recipes?searchwarrant55
07/25/14Sports Jersey Collectionsbizkilla20
07/22/14Stores now selling recreational wee...SwishSwish1234102
04/07/14Looking for the worst bad beats in ...Covers-Team236
03/02/14Phrases and words that must really ...SportsFan969843
02/21/14Your most prized movie soundtrack o...searchwarrant64
12/26/13Iowa st was a sucker play bostonguy91927
12/25/13What are we doing with lakers/heat?chef7023
11/09/13George O leary coach of UCF is an i...boomersooner188
11/01/13Just lost $2500 Bengals ml GreenBlack2529
11/01/13Godamn you...............BonLuu7
10/30/13Do Sportsbooks kick you out if you ...JoeMahirap31
10/27/13Only thing better than jets beating...chef7028
10/27/13Are you kidding me????jajknight7
10/26/13NCAA FB Week 9 (67-44 YTD ...jdnmoney112
10/14/13Which team cost you the most money ...eze32122
10/13/13wtf Seattle....OGiant2399
10/13/132nd Half: Panthers Team To...LawsonJames11
10/13/13Romo or Brees?chef7024
10/13/13which WR to start6
10/07/13Did anyone else notice that Gore ca...Zman5514
10/07/13Raiders +130chef7026
10/07/13Time to watch T'eo get bulldozedchef7025
10/07/13how awful is tj yates?SiuLungBao9
10/07/13So when do you think Schuab commits...Zman5518
10/07/13Over has a pulsechef7024
10/06/13who is the oakland center tonight?4
10/06/13Okay what nextchef7024
10/04/13NEED HELP ANY AUS PUNTER N...alex745
09/29/13What are we doing for the Hawaii ga...chef70225
09/29/13wash st coachJeffro3569
09/29/13Hawaii info21
09/29/13Ty Hilton or Edelman?chef7022
09/29/13Wyoming game starting up againchef7023
09/28/13Ole miss back door rally timechef7028
09/28/131 LARGE Investment Today$$...DoubleUp4Life33
09/28/13Toledo blowsFuzzrod31
09/28/13How bad is the rain up in Washingto...BWS772
09/23/13running it up!!.....unnecessary!!KINGMAD1335
09/09/13Flex: Victor Cruz or Desean Jax??MurkCity7
09/08/13Another team...another sh*ty yahoo ...gmen1120
09/07/13who to start?CJONES10686
09/07/13Flex? D Richardson, A Bradshaw, or ...chef7027
09/07/13Talk me out of Texas 7 v. BYUHeadOverHeart63
09/07/13Jets are fade material all seasonchef70212
09/06/13I'm Square as F#@ksawman2
09/06/13Please rate my team!Cpt_Obvious5
09/06/13Offensive Tempo - stats from week 1thorpe30
09/06/13Peyton ManningDaddysHome11
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