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08/26/16High School Football Lineshawaiiboy396533
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06/10/16A Clinton-Sanders' Ticket is Unbeat...Relax_Dude19
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01/31/16what is the most you have ever lost...MoneyShot114
11/16/15*** Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Bucc...LeagueCapper21
09/15/15Temple -10 @ Umass???TexanJohn16
03/25/15wtf happened to the GOPcave0707147
02/16/15Kanye West banned from future award...Syddigs33
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12/16/14Thoughts on Moving in With my Girlf...ad126066
12/10/14Does anyone here drive an E class M...nflcapperletsgo27
12/10/14Police Brutality - a thread dedicat...I_Need_A_Detox124
12/03/14Man Finds $100K in Burger KingSteelCash24
10/10/14Bitcoins for gambling....vanzack301
10/01/14Time for a Covers "P-Box Hist...coldsnap55103
08/26/14Ferguson monc1capper343
07/25/14Anyone live where Bidet's are commo...DHass2238
06/28/14Boycotting Reese's CupsSteelCash29
03/17/14Just got laid 67
03/03/14Don't ever get your hair cut by thi...scalabrine15
02/21/14War on drugs or War on terror.searchwarrant30
02/21/14Your most prized movie soundtrack o...searchwarrant64
02/12/14serious question...37
02/05/14Most annoying people on TVSCDOG25
02/02/14Overheard my colleague order a hook...cave070733
01/16/14The bieb's and lil zanc1capper8
01/15/14Denver DE mocking Phillip Riversjoepa5103
01/12/14Anyone else here afraid of heights?Ravens522028
01/11/14Percentage, Strip Clubs, Stripperscave070719
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01/10/14Watching the original Red Dawn and ...BWS777
01/09/14Does ayone have any idea what Las V...strippersnbens12
01/08/143 men survived... That sucks...Randisist4
01/01/14Accussed of a crime help!McLovinU60
12/28/13Should I get a job?bigron8432
12/27/13anyone ever bet on the wnbajriv18917
12/25/13Anyone Ever Darned a Lady In The be...Godfather1637
12/20/13Did Punishment Fit Crime?Randisist31
12/15/13Is there a free number for scores?mrjjj45
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