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12/08/16Panthers are falling apart...newton...16
12/08/162016-2017 NCAA Hoopspederson161626
12/08/16 BOWL GUIDE 2016-17bookieassassin80
12/06/16Betting Bowl Gamescave07077
12/04/16Does Anyone have nuts to take the R...bpickin30
12/04/16GIANTS @ BROWNS: It's back...scalabrine285
12/04/16Colin Cowherd's Blazing 5 Week 13TheFootball7712
12/04/16PENN STATE vs. WISCONSIN @...scalabrine262
12/04/16Public Fade POD Sabanesque4
12/03/16Lines are weird this week guys. BE ...bpickin20
12/03/16Friday Night LightsChickMagnut34
12/03/162H Colorado / Washingtongambling-devil15
12/02/16Hew HerePatrickStar5
12/01/16Who the hell are the Steelers to la...SwishSwish123427
11/27/16@@@ PAPPA'S NFL SUNDAY 11/...pappadoc11
11/27/16Chargers Favored at Houston?roi_fisher12
11/25/16Why the fuk did I bet wash stMaukaboy15
11/25/16UNC about to catch a beating.. 8
11/25/16HOW-THE-HELL, can the Stee...27
11/25/16Indy +9Andrew19769
11/23/16I am going to sound sour herechaloots30
11/21/16Houston Texans Super Fancave07073
11/15/16Trump will not build that wall afte...cave070727
11/13/16Trump and NAFTAcave07072
11/12/16Vegas has some stones setting this ...scalabrine225
11/12/16Poll for Democratscave070712
11/09/16Bragging rights on the line29
11/09/16Why I will vote for Hill, family va...don juan52
11/09/16Trump= An unprecedented disaster wi...scalabrine79
11/09/16What's the secret to making your si...dalilama59
11/08/16Comey Stands Downsundance25
11/03/16Who wins World Series MVP? buffer12
11/02/16Open borders vs. Closed bordersJimmyDrizzl18
10/26/16Nervous - over/underEprince19
10/26/16Cubs curse has began23
10/24/16lets get a covers poll goingsmartapple12329
10/23/16Trump loses debate, is he a rapist?Sidehatch22
10/23/16Bitcoins for gambling....vanzack302
10/20/16Top 10 Clinton scandals exposed by ...zelo12320
10/19/16What if Japan never attacked Americ...stiff337
10/14/16If god wanted gay people to marry, ...ClubDirt48
09/19/16NFL Week 2rg3skins16
08/26/16High School Football Lineshawaiiboy396533
07/03/16Need Help For Bachelor Party Ideas ...Absolutxedge2256
07/01/16home invasion Millburn NJtwobits61
07/01/16Mark Cuban says Trump isn't a billi...DogbiteWilliams31
06/10/16A Clinton-Sanders' Ticket is Unbeat...Relax_Dude19
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