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07/30/14David Price?!hopper1649
07/28/14Dodgers 12
07/27/14Welp, i killed it today...Red sox a...5
07/27/14Wait. Peavy a Fav over Ryu? LOL31
07/26/14Pitt solid pick7
07/25/14Bring in Axford27
07/25/14Angels in game under 6.516
07/24/14Cards even10
07/23/14Tigers over 86
07/23/14over/under winners 7/22djdstruk12
07/23/14Selling Covers Hat?Double-A91
07/22/14bring on joe nathan!!! or phil coke...troublemaker459
07/22/14detroit pen!! i love you!!!troublemaker4513
07/20/14I doubt Kershaw makes it through th...SportsFan969817
07/13/14over 8 tigers/royalsRaidernator765
07/13/14Under sundaybuckubad1
07/12/14White trash Brewers...searchwarrant4
07/12/14Rodney will blow this game lolKPMAN6
07/11/14Twins/Rockies total 10.5 O...VegasVandal36
07/09/14IN-GAME: Los Angeles Dodgers vs Det...KktdocT89
07/09/14Why are SOME games so low scoring a...MonstarsInYoGrill6
07/09/14Better Bet this morning....Dodgers ...baller9093
07/09/14Value on the Padres tonightits_1999_my16
06/22/14LMAO @ CUBBIESBling695
06/16/14*** LeBron James appreciation threa...hustle_man318
06/01/14Under 2 1/4buckubad3
05/31/14Yankees -260The-Genius26
05/31/14Mariners/ Tigers Winner Insideavenue7
05/23/14Patriots pick a guy with 2 ACL's as...VegasVandal51
05/12/14TUES LAA + DET8
05/12/14please pirates rally threadb4k3d16
05/08/14houston vs. detroit81
05/06/14really yankees??? bases loaded no o...pickupboy21
05/04/14ABSOLUTE GARBAGEsmallwagaaman5
05/04/14We saw threads that gave stats of g...8
04/30/14Joey Crawford = what the fuccckMdpharm2328
04/30/14i have OKC -1 risking 2k to win 3k ...BET2WIN46
04/29/14Dallas +4.5RandyResort8
04/28/14I think the refs totally hosed Hous...jacksup4411
04/26/14Bring in Brian WilsonBayArea34211
04/25/14NBA refs doing what they do!!!7
04/24/14FUCKIN FLEUERYKroniicBET36
04/24/14Ron Washington is a horrible manage...PapaShango21
04/23/14Start sweating Oak/Tex over 7.5TaxEvasion24
04/21/14Aldrige bout to kill my houston mon...7
04/21/14Lucic just speared someone else in ...Polar_Bear41
04/19/14Playoff hockey way too much luckKobezKing20
03/30/14Sparty wins, UConn coverspipedoctor4
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