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04/20/14Lucic just speared someone else in ...Polar_Bear40
04/19/14Playoff hockey way too much luckKobezKing20
03/30/14Sparty wins, UConn coverspipedoctor4
03/28/14Michigan defense 28
03/27/14Florida Gators -4.517
03/27/14Selling Covers Hat?Double-A86
03/25/14did anyone have 2nd half over??????ckattar88
03/22/14First half. Start your day off with...20
03/22/14Lou/Stl in game thread34
03/22/14Pitt is embarrassingBrobeans4
03/22/14Billy Donovan is the bestRed_Soxxxxxxxx4
03/22/14Pitt 1st Half4
03/22/141st half, 2nd half OVER UNDER theor...GIANFRANCO11143479
03/20/14Wiskyyyy kollll8
03/20/14Illinois -2.5 @ Boston U are you ki...118
03/09/14Anybody like the first half over. 6...Bucs_Nation2217
03/08/14Loaded up on Michigan in the second...nflcapperletsgo11
03/08/14WHO'S THIS YEARS CINDERELL...ac_bum66
03/07/141st half unders, 2nd half overs....LETGOPACK12342
03/07/14Spartans 2hmr_bollox7
03/05/14Big ten1
03/04/14mich ill total discussionMichfan1521
03/03/14*** LeBron James appreciation threa...hustle_man310
02/17/14Michigan St -149
02/17/14Michigan -Wisconsin in gameBleakhouse21
02/16/14Michigan -3 1/2??19
01/20/14Going Huge on Denver...Am I crazy ?WookieRookie23
12/14/13Army/Navy brief TotalDoodlebop14
12/02/132013-2014 TEAM TOTALS AND ...MR TINGLES46
11/25/13F U Welker22
11/24/13It's cold in WisconsinGreyhound6
11/24/13unders todaybuckubad3
11/23/13Can someone explain Minnesota +16 t...rangerz24782
11/16/13Bator pick of the day Washington EDDIEW26
11/02/13Anyone like wiscy ?Saint92110
11/02/133 that won't be closechaloots29
11/01/133 ints., a fumble, and a safetyReeling10
11/01/13Dumb behind can't make a FTdrwasabee5
10/29/132013 PLAYOFFS - HALFERS366
10/16/13the shadow will be in the eyes of t...FollowTheLine33
10/15/13Nfl is a jokec_zich0329
10/15/13momentum is real... Redsox +135vegasjedi21
10/14/13End of the season for Boston?liontri31
10/14/13Jim Leland blows it for the Tigers ...UHQB18
10/14/13Give Ortiz credit but give more cre...Nhenley18
10/13/13looks like boston left their bats a...12
10/13/13Dodgers/Red Sox World Series is Des...clepto25
10/13/13overnight line det/bosbuckubad4
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