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10/27/161st half, 2nd half OVER UNDER theor...GIANFRANCO11146271
10/25/16LMAO @ CUBBIESBling779
10/16/16Wis +11.5buckubad4
09/29/16Game threadsbuckubad3
06/21/16*** LeBron James appreciation threa...hustle_man345
04/13/16Nhl playoff contest1
01/24/16Tom -3 and Cam -3rain_man106
01/16/16Do not breath on Brady..........7
12/31/15BAIL OUT PLAY USC -3 USC -...BigKrit16
11/04/15Clock in Toledo game??????????gopats14414
10/30/15///////OFFICIAL IN-GAME GI...mikeru3942
10/25/15Bradford - Is it me or ....DODGEpicker10
09/27/15Biggest Bet of the Year!dpman3911
09/15/15I don't think anyone told the vikin...ALLHABS6
08/19/15Under 7.5 Mets unbelievable22
08/19/15CUBS game restaringAD93236
08/19/15Cubs tiger ? Delay . Call the game ...4
07/11/15Verlander. LOLLL26
07/10/15is this is the final over of DETROI...turbojackhammer4
07/09/15Tigers Over runBloodyShredder22
06/28/15wsox Carll9
06/14/15Indians rally thread6
06/08/15This over is a lock.nicfrost8112
05/17/15Lock Player Props for LAC@HOU?Trillest10
05/16/152nd halfs grizz/gsMarkDogg20148
05/15/15Cavs +2.5 parlay wtih u193AntonWilly5
05/09/15met's are killing me herenoguts7
05/09/15Weather in Colorado anyone?dominican886
05/05/15St Louis smhlucky8088
05/02/15((SATURDAY @ FENWAY))neander1003
04/25/15Detroit and whyTheBuddah7
04/24/15Detroit Tigers lineMikeMussinaHOF15
04/22/15Will Kluber Finally Get a Win tomor...7
04/12/15down big after today..need as confi...riddlemethis9916
04/12/15Tigers underMetro41310
04/11/154-11-15 playoff implicationsLippsman11
04/11/15FRAGGIN HANLEY TWICE MEN I...For_The_Books4
04/08/15DUKE 10KJimmy2imes38
04/07/15Andrew Harrison Fake Apology1129ken26
04/07/15Harrison sound byte on Kaminsky.. C...80
04/07/15R U SERIOUS??? DUKE/.WISC ...tedwalsh731
04/07/15You know the pick is wisconsin but ...14
04/06/15•••••••• WISCONSIN ALL THE...goldengrants94
04/06/15Arizona was the last hope to beat K...IowaDreamin30
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