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03/06/17EJLuva$Maker 3- 2 count bases loade...veronica27881
03/02/17Thanks Chung 4
02/13/17NBA 02/13kulprit6
02/13/17NBA 02/12kulprit5
02/13/17What do you like in tomorrows games...ThomasEdisonn10
02/12/17Chungs NBA Like of The Day...chungnuoc23
02/12/17Just Heard Metallica's "Hard Wired"GimmeMoneyNow2
02/12/17Have others noticed lots of overs c...Michfan1511
02/12/17Funk NBA Week 16FunkFreaker25
02/07/17Toronto BookieSandhu3126
02/07/17Philadelphia 76'ers vs. Detroit Pis...KingScorpio11
02/06/17Lines dictates the game....BostonCelticFTW2177
02/06/17*******SHARPS LIKE THE FAL...RayRayK29
02/05/17DK Super Bowl 51Digitalkarma25
02/03/17Has anyone made any money betting o...SportsMavin12733
02/02/17Why do the playoffs turn this forum...anaheimRX22
02/02/17Raptors vs Celtics: Eastern Confere...begginerboy21
02/01/17NUGGETS @ LAKERS: It's the...scalabrine54
01/31/17bannedfra casino Late info play of ...bannedfracasino10
01/31/17Brent Musburger retiresscalabrine10
01/27/17LAKERS @ BLAZERS: Back fro...scalabrine204
01/18/17Johnson's NBA 1/18CMJohnson110
01/14/17DK NBA SATDigitalkarma4
01/14/17NBA Contest 1/13StraightWagers106
01/14/17early sharp action on friday pound ...MLdogs14
01/13/17NBA Contest 1/12StraightWagers114
01/12/17NBA Contest 1/11StraightWagers125
01/11/17NBA Contest 1/10StraightWagers137
01/09/17NBA Contest 1/9StraightWagers132
01/09/17FF Wildcard (9-4-1 Last Postseason)FunkFreaker19
01/09/17NBA Contest 1/8StraightWagers137
01/08/17@@ 76 vs Nets @@Taipei40812
01/08/17Johnson's NBA 1/8CMJohnson15
01/08/17NBA Contest 1/7StraightWagers122
01/08/17NBA YTDTheFlashMoney12
01/07/17@@ Pistons Vs Blazers @@Taipei4087
01/07/17NBA Contest 1/6StraightWagers118
01/06/17I buy hooks... Friday NBAGXJ5
01/06/174 WINNERS I POSTED LAST NI...PGram136
01/06/17NBA Contest 1/5StraightWagers125
01/04/17NBA Contest 1/4StraightWagers121
12/24/16STEELERS @ BILLS: The ultr...scalabrine323
12/23/16I'll give you 60-65 % winners if yo...Awest0844
12/21/16HOUSTON vs. SAN DIEGO STAT...scalabrine272
12/19/16Sunday Night WinnerChickMagnut18
12/15/16ARMY VS. NAVY: Oh look, the books g...scalabrine183
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