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03/28/15Who is on Whisky and who is on AZ??...thbigbear32
03/21/15BIGGEST PLAY OF THE YEAR !...714cuzzin179
03/20/15no worries714cuzzin620
03/19/15Round of 64Damon10242
03/16/15New Hamsphire // NJIT (7est)Damon10210
03/16/15*************** CIT Invati...flyguybry2130
03/13/15Friday College Hoops...phat0320
03/13/15BIGGEST PLAY OF THE YEAR !...714cuzzin460
03/13/15Friday 3/13PeterBlack16
03/09/15BPOTD !! BPOTD !!714cuzzin272
03/01/15TUE APR 29th PicksDiamondJack48
03/01/15Friday Bundesliga PickKaiserWilhelm13
03/01/15FRI Sep 19th PicksDiamondJack18
02/28/15100-32-4 since 2/4/15 ,IM ...Kennyco9
02/08/15Saturday NBA....Fire Away...9
02/05/15BAYERN - WOLFS Carlisimooo5
02/04/15Lines dictates the game....BostonCelticFTW2112
02/02/15*** SUPER BOWL XLIX ***badlands32
02/01/15Johnson's NBA Super Sunday 2/1CMJohnson19
02/01/152 PLAYS714cuzzin38
01/31/15FF selective bets - January threadFunkFreaker284
01/29/15Johnson's NBA Wednesday 1/28CMJohnson112
01/28/15How come you guys haven't thanked m...BodhiLives39
01/27/15*** TUESDAY SOCCER ***badlands20
01/27/15Johnson's NBA Monday 1/26CMJohnson113
01/26/15Today is the day>>>>poyFoolishGame7
01/26/15$100,000 OKL-1 2HLCD16
01/25/15Sunday NBA....phat035
01/25/15Friday Night NBA....Total Play...22
01/22/15*** Utah @ Milwaukee 5-1 ytd **...vankiep_000730
01/22/15*** THURSDAY SOCCER ***badlands29
01/22/15*** WED. SOCCER ***badlands17
01/20/15*****************NFL SUNDA...capskip19
01/20/15Over the moon plays for SundaySt2ee43
01/18/15Johnson's NFL Playoffs CMJohnson128
01/18/15Lights Out Picks - Conference Champ...SoxPats2475
01/18/15What can you learn from the fact th...strippersnbens9
01/17/15SATURDAY 01/17/15p_66229
01/17/15*** SATURDAY SOCCER ***badlands11
01/16/15*** FRIDAY SOCCER ***badlands14
01/16/15January 15th 2K15 ...Blue_Label28
01/14/15January 14th 2K15 ...Blue_Label30
01/14/15@@@ --- Tuesday --- @@@shimio163
01/13/15WIN THE DAY 714cuzzin33
01/11/15SEXY REXY STARTS IN ON THE...WackyBillBraski8
01/10/15no worries714cuzzin612
01/09/15in 30 minutes714cuzzin472
01/08/15no worries714cuzzin609
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