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06/10/14Looking for the worst bad beats in ...Covers-Team360
08/07/13AussieCapper NBA (Box Score System)AussieCapper1171
06/07/12Rockets vs Spurs 2/1/12 game was ri...Cantstandya21
03/10/12NBA Fixed games and their validity....smartbets93
02/24/12IDAHO 2ND HALF moslo3521
02/24/12THURS NIGHT NBA HOOPS W/LA...Chickenzpick18
02/23/12Congratz Atlanta Backers!!!!15
02/23/12NBA WEDNESDAY !!!44-dimes79
02/23/12Denver +7TrunkzTomorrow41
02/23/12LOOKS LIKE OVER IS A LOCK ...FlyLikeAjett57
02/23/12Thursday night Heat will beat LiNic...treasurecay2518
02/22/12god dammitoneinfour11
02/22/12NBA TUESDAY !!!44-dimes130
02/21/12~ huge 2nd half ~KktdocT14
02/20/12After watching the Bucks just blow ...powerade12
02/20/12Anyone got the balls to take hornet...Riceboi7
02/20/12wizz jazz wariors playshodge2
02/20/12Is Carmello playing?10percent71911
02/20/12KG & Rondo out for the Celtics ... Bigben1222510
02/20/12((( NBA SUNDAY )))44-dimes111
02/20/12Timberwolves unearned win... Refs h...udbeatmaker128813
02/19/12Phoenix Suns Don't need...FrontRowCenter16
02/19/12sunday late playsgreengrocer6
02/19/122H HEARTLESS HAWKS...football_00711
02/19/12at/port 2h2
02/18/12NICE START KEEP IT ROLLING...Saulb99810
02/18/12NBA FRIDAY !!!44-dimes163
02/18/12FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHT NBA HOO...Chickenzpick12
02/18/12NBA Firday 7-2 YTDbrununes15
02/18/12MY FINAL BET ALL UNITS 32-...swagdistrict1821
02/18/12Smartbets. "Utah" Really?lowboy6434
02/18/122H PHO/LAL - Covers possible bloodb...vegaslover32
02/18/12Golden St. Warriors +10PropKing8225
02/18/121st quarter,2nd half Plays Bomboclatt8
02/18/12Dallas Mavericks @ Philadelphia 76e...claude_gir0ux23
02/17/12KINGS +3!!! $_$JPSM23
02/17/12better moneyline play??nextleveldave11
02/17/12Miami vs ClevelandLaroja23
02/17/12so what we get drunk? so what we sm...Imakeplays12
02/17/12HUSTLERS FRI LEANS AND PLA...215Hustler22
02/17/12Lakers on FRIDAYNORCALPLAYA18
02/17/12Delonte West, Jason Terry, Beabois ...dumbfoundead12
02/17/12Thatsagoodone's NBA Thursdaythatsagoodone51
02/17/12NBA FRIDAY>>BMatti158
02/17/12Right noe grab Philly.searchwarrant12
02/17/12NBA Thursdaybrununes37
02/17/12Hell YAAAAAAAfuzzlorence12
02/16/122nd half Nets/Indnba_capper14
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