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03/03/15Blowoutgm's Tues plays 60-45-1 year...blowoutgm4
03/03/15Huge 4
03/02/15big big big big big big big big big...nflcapperletsgo38
02/28/15Blowoutgm's Saturday picks! 52-36-1...blowoutgm4
02/27/15///////Thursday Loooooooot...mikeru346
02/26/15Thursday Hoopsmbiddy29
02/26/1549-36 YTD Blowoutgm's Thursday nigh...blowoutgm4
02/26/15Thur NCAA Hoopstotter12
02/26/15/////////Wednesday Loooooo...mikeru354
02/25/15Blowouts wednesday plays blowoutgm6
02/25/15on a runnflcapperletsgo15
02/25/15//////////Monday Loooooooo...mikeru325
02/24/1543-34 YTDblowoutgm2
02/22/15S A B A D O G I G A N T E 4
02/20/15Final thoughts......THEMUGG31
02/18/15////////Tuesday Looooooooo...mikeru344
02/07/15Memphis as a favorite...lol18
02/06/15big thursdaynflcapperletsgo11
02/04/15Richard Shermanchaloots55
02/04/15For Those That Think It Was A Certa...Polar_Bear27
02/03/15If their was ever a sign that i nee...Lakeshow242445
02/02/15Tom Brady becomes the undisputed gr...wiggins39
02/02/15Pete Carroll 'That's all my fault, ...flatron1238
02/02/15One of the worst play calls I have ...Polar_Bear35
02/01/15I have had request for my Super Bow...Skin2424
02/01/15Live bet Seattle -350blowoutgm1
02/01/15Darn you patriot definseTanttii10
02/01/15Someone help me is seahawk second h...Tanttii7
02/01/15I hope Tommy throws a pick 6arcademeus5
02/01/15UNDER is deadMtEverest13
02/01/15Congrats Patriot Backers...Lakeshow242423
02/01/15Game over Pats winFistoffreedom7
02/01/15and the National Anthem goes over!!blowoutgm1
02/01/15best bet from the best baby SB WINN...dilaudid835
01/31/15THIS. IS. WHAT. WE. DO.nflcapperletsgo6
01/29/15G I G A N T I Cnflcapperletsgo38
01/26/15sunday big comeback daynflcapperletsgo111
01/25/15Going to be a gigantic day today. 129
01/24/15Blowoutgm's Saturday picks 43-32 YT...blowoutgm12
01/22/15Blowoutgm's Thursday plays 39-29 YT...blowoutgm6
01/21/15Blowoutgm's Wed's gems! 34-27 YTDblowoutgm2
01/20/15Would you take this bet.earthWake26
01/19/15Ohio St29
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