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01/30/15THIS. IS. WHAT. WE. DO.nflcapperletsgo5
01/29/15G I G A N T I Cnflcapperletsgo38
01/27/15best bet from the best baby SB WINN...dilaudid818
01/26/15sunday big comeback daynflcapperletsgo111
01/25/15Going to be a gigantic day today. 129
01/24/15Blowoutgm's Saturday picks 43-32 YT...blowoutgm12
01/22/15Blowoutgm's Thursday plays 39-29 YT...blowoutgm6
01/21/15Blowoutgm's Wed's gems! 34-27 YTDblowoutgm2
01/20/15Would you take this bet.earthWake26
01/19/15Ohio St29
01/17/15Blowoutgm's Saturday picks 27-22 yt...blowoutgm7
01/15/15Cardale Jones decides to go to the ...bmiller163215
01/15/15Colin Cowherd had an interesting th...scalabrine81
01/13/152nd half buckeye backers, you were ...KingRGIII28
01/13/15whats up w/ the oregon line going d...SiuLungBao52
01/13/15This Jones Kid Looks like the next ...Lakeshow242417
01/13/152014-2015 National Championship CAPT-DOUCHE20
01/12/15Blowoutgm's Natty Championship pick...blowoutgm6
01/12/15big big big big big big big big big...nflcapperletsgo35
01/08/15Will Be Posting Between 3 and 4 PM ...MrDokie31
01/04/15Wildcard WeekendTRAIN6985
01/04/15*** Cincinnati Bengals vs. Indianap...141
01/04/15Wow Vegas Got usLakeshow24246
01/04/15Blowoutgm's wild card Sat. night!blowoutgm9
01/04/15Colts Vs Bengals 34-19 last 53 foot...CAPT-DOUCHE11
01/04/15Blocked punt for safety screws the ...FunnyCide13
01/03/15The best f@ckin' college football c...TRAIN69247
01/03/15Sometimes its really that Easy….Lakeshow242434
01/02/15Monday PlayMrManning15
01/02/15SEC fansBoom_Boom70
01/01/15Just got the call. And I really did...scalabrine231
01/01/15Boise State vs. ArizonaAlien-113
12/31/14Blowoutgm's Late game playblowoutgm1
12/31/14Top 5 most overrated coachesdroyder69
12/30/14Tuesday PlayMrManning23
12/30/14Dec 29 - Dec 31 BowlsMEGALOCKS84
12/30/14big big big big big big big big big...nflcapperletsgo71
12/30/14Blowoutgm's LSU/ND picks!blowoutgm7
12/29/14*** Bowl Season ***Boom_Boom82
12/29/14Bowl HAMMERS!!!!!HammersSpreads20
12/28/14$$$ going to be a biiiiiiig Saturda...120
12/27/14Sun Bowlestes17178
12/27/14Blowoutgm's Saturday Bowl picksblowoutgm10
12/26/14Baylor vs Michigan StTRAIN6934
12/22/14Bowl SeasonMrManning15
12/21/14PHaNToM SaTuRDaY BoWLiNG *...PHaNToM_CaPPeR44
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