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10/26/16NCAA WEEK 8 **** R.I.P to ...TRAIN69113
10/25/16you want to make some $? come herefluffybucker69132
10/24/16Tom Herman lost the game and his sh...jgo2226
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10/23/16LIONMONSTER NCAA Football ...13
10/23/16NCAA Week 8Wizerguy37
10/22/16College Foots Week 8mbiddy36
10/22/16Blowoutgm's Week 8 picks! ...blowoutgm18
10/20/16Blowoutgm's Week 7 picks! ...blowoutgm26
10/18/16NCAA WEEK 7 **** I would suggest no...TRAIN69135
10/18/16Is Wisconsin the best 2 loss team i...WalterTibbs12
10/16/16////////Week 7 Looooooooooooooooooo...mikeru371
10/16/16Tennessee beats Alabama this week74
10/15/16College Foots Week 7mbiddy36
10/15/16Week 7 Large MoneyWahooS122
10/15/16Thor's College Pics: Week 7Thor2428
10/14/16nostradamus week 7nostradamus1235
10/09/16LIONMONSTER NCAA Week 6 19
10/09/16NCAA WEEK 6 **** The Colle...TRAIN69109
10/09/16//////Week 6 Loooooooooooo...mikeru379
10/08/16College Foots Week 6mbiddy32
10/08/16nostradamus week 6nostradamus1232
10/08/16Blowoutgm's Week 6 picks 34-1...blowoutgm26
10/08/16Dr Strangelove's Plays Week 6DrStrangelove17
10/08/16Week 6 MoneyWahooS40
10/07/16Week 6 Cardtideman11
10/05/16Why is LSU only opening at 1.5 at U...jwheels8620
10/03/16A&M -6.5 vs. Vols.. thoughts on thi...motowner5
10/02/16NCAA Week 5Wizerguy19
10/02/16Blowoutgm's Week 5blowoutgm5
10/02/16Week 5 MoneyWahooS39
10/01/16$$$*** DAVIDN WEEK 5 NCAAF...DAVIDN125
10/01/16week 5 moneynostradamus1229
09/30/16Week 5 Cardtideman22
09/29/16*** Ten Things We Have Learned ***Boom_Boom69
09/29/16//////////Week 4 Loooooooo...mikeru369
09/28/16Vegas set the trapjwheels8622
09/28/16WEEK 5 LINES GUESSES/ Earl...DoubleUp4Life55
09/27/16Blowoutgm's Week 5 picks! Starting ...blowoutgm15
09/27/16NCAA WEEK 4 **** Ridiculou...TRAIN6979
09/26/16Smell you later Lessmac3837
09/25/16Boom! Les Miles and Cam Cleland are...blowoutgm5
09/24/16Blowoutgm added play2
09/24/16Blowoutgm added pick1
09/24/16Week 4 MoneyWahooS90
09/23/16-week 4 wagers-MarkDogg20146
09/21/16Blowoutgm's Week 4 picks! 20-14-1 y...blowoutgm5
09/20/16WEEK 3=FADE ME & GET RICH$...DoubleUp4Life110
09/18/16*** Ncaaf Ohio St Buckeyes @ Oklaho...vankiep_000734
09/17/16College Foots Week 3mbiddy33
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