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11/23/15Western Union officially blocked me...TheDrizzle7739
11/21/15Of course it's gamblingMTFN5019
11/19/15What do you tip for food delivery.Mrfixers9
11/16/15Losing aint fun.vanzack75
11/15/15Lamar Odam OD's on Cialissports_Network27
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11/10/15Has anybody joined Facebook in the ...SportsFan969893
11/08/15where's the value in DFS??Hoyasaxa5
10/30/15Champions League Group stages......franz55520
10/30/15Sweem's Sunday playssweem10
10/30/15Sweem's Monday card - writeups incl...sweem12
10/30/15Sweem's Wednesday Writeups bounce-b...sweem11
10/29/15What are your favorite 'bad' movies...BWS77119
10/26/15Michael J. Fox arrested for insider...bizkilla16
10/24/15Official FIFA 16 UT Threadbizkilla1
10/24/15Six those Fifa 16 Coinschancyhuang76
10/18/15putin stepping up its position in s...nature197021
10/18/15Marriage for green cardbizkilla9
10/16/15Favorite travel destinations in Eur...bizkilla12
10/15/15THIS S*IT IS RIGGEDGamblingDivorce22
10/14/15Safest way to withdrawpromaster139
10/13/15Your opinion in validity of daily f...bizkilla2
10/12/15Urinal etiquette - leakagells_32124
09/30/15Anyone here ever been an UBER drive...Carpinteria20
09/29/15getting too used to things not work...totallypsycho2
09/26/15Black MassKiller_B6
09/25/15Tight end problems!Thomhee2
09/13/15*****Uefa Champions League...MakePwithMe212
09/03/15Draft AdviceKtrain21
08/29/15Movies you saw in AugustLeRinkRat31
08/19/15Auto MechanicsTheGoldenGoose8
08/16/15How High Maintenance is your Wife /...TheGoldenGoose30
08/16/15Minimum needed to live the dreamBeergut475
08/16/15Is Hillary going to the big house??SportsFan969826
08/13/15"Did you find everything ok"mr_bollox18
08/13/15Visiting Central Europe, Vienna, Bu...bizkilla10
08/12/15Local news hottiesSportsFan96984
08/09/15Champions are born in May - Fantasy...bizkilla177
07/07/15Lebron James is 1000x better than M...BostonCelticFTW880
07/04/15Wanna move to Europe...SteelCash15
07/01/15Just got my welfare check today!!!TRAIN6930
06/29/155 DIMES - US Payouts Pathetic14
06/03/15Whats happening to FIFA should happ...bizkilla1
06/03/15Haunted placesCoin Toss3
06/03/15Bad Customer Service In Vegas, Post...promark12358
06/02/15The reason of defeat of Braziladriatomy4
06/01/15Someone owes you money bizkilla23
05/31/15Ray Rice... what am I not getting?SteelCash19
05/30/15What percantage of Americans do you...strippersnbens18
05/29/15WGN ???brianx13
05/29/15Iverson on 30 / 30 nc1capper24
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