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05/03/16190 HIV Cases in Austin, INKiller_B17
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03/21/16Eatin' ButtholeSpitfire15199
03/19/16Is Hillary going to the big house??SportsFan969827
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03/10/16Has anybody joined Facebook in the ...SportsFan969894
02/24/16what should i do?smartapple12326
02/22/16What are your favorite 'bad' movies...BWS77124
02/19/16Favorite Bill Joel song bizkilla31
02/18/16whats the best app you have on your...mr_bollox11
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02/15/16Did God create just earth or our en...searchwarrant38
02/11/16Just a random question i have about...joepa51017
02/10/16F papa johnsIamthedanger19
02/08/16the big shortbizkilla4
02/04/16knocked a dude out tonightckattar841
02/04/16Assessment tests for hiresbizkilla6
02/01/16New fella 7
01/31/16Abe Vigoda Has Diedcanovsp2
01/30/16Question for the gents, gambling el...DUDE-I-TOLD-YOU13
01/30/16Women that got awaybizkilla20
01/26/16Super Bowl 50 LineSlobbasaurus18
01/24/16Food you never buy because your par...SportsFan969824
01/24/16Anyone ever hook up on a dating sit...dassad34
01/22/16chic is trying to blackmail / extor...ckattar822
01/12/16MADDEN 2016 FOR XBOX 1 LuckyBowl954
01/12/16Is the buyable "expert" picks worth...simsejensen10
01/12/16Power Ball Odds nature197017
12/19/15anyone made the move from usa to eu...EuroPro60
12/19/15*****Uefa Champions League...MakePwithMe213
12/16/15Champions League Group stages......franz55520
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11/30/15Urinal etiquette - leakagells_32125
11/23/15Western Union officially blocked me...TheDrizzle7739
11/21/15Of course it's gamblingMTFN5019
11/19/15What do you tip for food delivery.Mrfixers9
11/16/15Losing aint fun.vanzack75
11/15/15Lamar Odam OD's on Cialissports_Network27
11/10/15When did you know it was time for a...Crashdavis56533
11/08/15where's the value in DFS??Hoyasaxa5
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