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12/19/14Feartheweb 12/18 cbballFearTheWeb35
12/10/14Let's Crush the Books: 12/9imgoinhungry70
12/09/14Let's Crush the Books: 12/7imgoinhungry205
12/07/14Let's Crush the Books: 12/6imgoinhungry358
12/05/14Feartheweb cbballFearTheWeb26
12/04/14Let's Crush the Books: 12/3imgoinhungry154
12/03/14Let's Crush the Books: 12/2imgoinhungry199
11/28/14let's crush the books: 11/27162
09/22/14Feartheweb 9/20 cfball weekend FearTheWeb34
09/12/14My Hilton Supercontest picks week 1...vanzack70
06/03/14May Game Total SystemSnapSports674
04/10/14Feartheweb Wednesday baseballFearTheWeb71
04/02/14Letsssss go Yankees Mistercool3
04/01/14Saturday March 8th: Being the best ...TRAIN69106
03/16/14sunday hoopsnostradamus1214
02/28/14Brandon Langulocal12322
02/02/14Saturday Feb 1st : Making ...TRAIN6961
01/30/14thursday hoopsnostradamus122
01/28/14Monday 1/27/14 ***** Some of you j...TRAIN6947
01/16/14Five Picks for 1-15TitanFan25
01/05/14NFL WildcardCalBear54
01/05/14sunday hoopsnostradamus129
12/27/13CBB Wednesdayarmyhog12
11/08/132-0 with systems last week - nice t...thegamblino3
10/25/13Belmont and Keeneland 10/25jennifer66628
10/14/13NCAA Football Wk 7 (53-33-...jdnmoney167
10/06/13FG attempt in Tenn24
09/12/13Candy Crush9
08/04/13Sea vs Balto trend2
07/27/13A's Rally ThreadStr8CashHomey8
06/15/13MLB FRIDAYJJsLocks9
06/14/13Friday MLBarmyhog19
06/10/13baltimor interrupted helpssmilos20
06/04/132013 MLBSnapSports26
06/04/13Monday MLBarmyhog30
05/15/132013 MLB Over/Under Betting System(...SnapSports982
05/06/13CWS vs KCdimndimn23
05/05/13O'S & Angels game stat3
05/04/13STL vs MIL interesting stat6
05/04/13HOLYDIVER FRI HAWAIAN TIDA...holydiver9
04/27/13HOLYDIVER FRI MLB HAWAIIAN...holydiver15
04/23/13Fear the Fish game 1J Gambler9
04/16/13Tuesday Plays29
04/16/13Interesting trend Stl vs Pitt10
04/16/13************************* ...CRS2
04/15/13MLB MONDAYJJsLocks12
04/14/13MLB SUNDAYJJsLocks15
04/14/13*******************Sunday ...crs3
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