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08/29/14I can destroy the books betting MLB...Cappernicking127
08/28/142014 season long MLB threadcollegegambler2063
08/28/14Very reliable info! Playball!BrainTrustSyndicate171
08/28/14Thinking out loudIQ141215
08/24/14Congrats to Michael Sam for being d...packers199274
08/21/14*** Oklahoma City Thunder to Win th...LeagueCapper134
08/19/14MLB MONDAYJJsLocks24
08/19/14A's fan -- A's miss playoffs?bobmaloogatimesfive17
08/19/14=== MONDAY NFL PICK ===LOCK-BOSS14
08/18/14NFL WEEK 1 *****350-1 UNDE...45
08/18/14ROYALS !10
08/17/14mlb Kadkins352
08/16/14Week 2 PicksMrManning30
08/16/14Bags Friday 8/15 Pay Day Picks!LB_Dirtbags11
08/16/14Friday PicksMrManning26
08/16/146 TSUNAMI gona hit them BO...30
08/16/14Friday feartheweb FearTheWeb38
08/16/14How bad is J Hammels lucky8087
08/15/14Bob's MLB Friday w/ Write-...BirdsOnBat49
08/15/144 for Fridaymybestbet9
08/15/14HOME GROWN ONLY!!!gbpackman6
08/15/14Kansas City Royals vs. Minnesota Tw...zelo12332
08/15/14Brewers will LOSE Friday, 8/15cropduster7
08/15/14ALERT UPDATE ALERT!!!!!MrManning43
08/15/14Late Add PreseasonMrManning15
08/15/14CAPPERMAN79'S MLB FRIDAY....Capperman7917
08/15/14Friday Payday MLB!JBasketballjr4
08/15/14Thurs night money...SportsMedic12
08/14/148/14 A's +107TheDonkeyRancher46
08/14/14NFL week 1 regular season!!! Dog pl...dibcompany10
08/14/14Feartheweb Wednesday FearTheWeb28
08/14/14[3U] PARLVTruck12
08/14/14Back to 1 pay a day. Had more succ...LeoFlaGuy26
08/13/14i dont post alot but...heres 1 play...PoeticJustice11
08/13/14$$This game worth posting$$georgia_boy10316
08/13/14Hump dayinsatiable24
08/13/14Money Ball 8-13-2014KeyElement25
08/13/14Reds Rally Thread !!!!!!SportsFan969833
08/13/14cinncinati gonna win 7;2Mcchicken3
08/13/14Evening Picks 8-13Call-it-in5
08/13/14Celebrate my 500th post with me and...Super_Camel47
08/13/14Fade the giants here on out season ...jimmynmail15
08/13/14Doc's Tue 8/12 MLBrkydkydoc8
08/13/14antonio bastardo10
08/13/14Only play you need for TuesdayTheone32429
08/13/14******* TUESDAY MLB PICKS ...45
08/13/14MLB PICKS - 46-28 YTD28
08/13/14$$$*** TUESDAY MLB PLAYS *...DAVIDN33
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